Rowan weather: Warm weekend will make up for cold start

Published 7:46 am Friday, February 6, 2015

It was 16 degrees at 6 a.m. Now, at 7:30, it’s 13 degrees, a bitterly cold morning. The sun is rising, but we will reach a high of just 45 today. Winds from the southwest at 5-7 mph will come in this afternoon.

Tonight we’ll be cold again, but at least it will be around 24 degrees.

Saturday and Sunday are still looking like a great break from the arctic cold. Saturday should be sunny and 58, with a southwest wind of just 5-9 mph. Saturday night’s low will be 37, not bad, considering what came before.

Sunday should be sunny, too, with a high near 64. It gets a little windier, too, with southwest winds at 6-14 mph, gusting up to 21 mph. It’s been a very windy winter.

A 30 percent chance of rain moves in Sunday night, actually the wee hours of Monday, with a low around 47.

Monday has a 40 percent chance of rain, mostly before 3 p.m. It will be a warm 60 degrees. The low will be around 33.

Tuesday is going to be sunny with a high near 52 and a low around 29.

If you like that, repeat it Wednesday, when the high will be 55 and the low a bit warmer, at 36 degrees.

Even into Thursday, we hold on to mostly sunny skies and a high near 56.