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Talkback: What readers say online about …

… Planning board votes against proposed Zaxby’s on Jake Alexander Boulevard

I wish Zaxby’s would propose a Spencer location. We could use some of those traffic headaches from new businesses pushing to locate here.

— Jeff Morris

“Does Salisbury really need two Zaxby’s less than 2 miles away?” That is the question. Good job, Planning Board!

— Theresa Pitner

I’m sure that the franchisee wouldn’t be willing to invest that much money into another location unless they thought the answer to that question is “yes!”

— Roy Bentley

I invite the Planning Board, the City Council and anyone else who has an interest to read the comments on “You might be from Salisbury if” group site. Get a good idea of what your citizens are saying and feeling. Just might learn something of value. Other cities manage to encourage new business without compromising the surrounding areas or neighborhoods.

— Jane Lackey

Tell them they could go into the new shopping center with Dick’s and be right there off the I-85… I would rather see another Zaxby’s than these mattress places any day —  and 50-60 jobs, that’s incredible.

— Gail Frances

If Target starts reading about stupid decisions like this, they’re bound to stay away.

— Craig Parks

Poor ol’ Smallsbury

— Ashley Overton

Always vote No to fast food.

— Childers Gregory

Come to Granite Quarry or Rockwell. Salisbury doesn’t need the added jobs or tax base. Granite Quarry is wanting to revitalize the town; this would be a step in the right direction.

— Angela Blevins

That area is already a traffic headache. Ha! One more restaurant isn’t going to make that much more of a difference. We live on that side of town and would love Zaxby’s in that area.

— Kellie Martin

Wouldn’t the new Zaxby’s be within walking distance of the new Civic Park Revitalization on Brenner? When those apartments get fully occupied, there’s going to be all kinds of “foot traffic” in that area. I was shocked when I saw the three-story apartments! People of Salisbury, you’ve got to drive Brenner Avenue to see for yourself and then you will realize why they built a bike path and a sidewalk.

— Glenda Kearns

I don’t understand. Zaxby’s would be a great fit in the area. Office and healthcare workers could walk over for lunch. Don’t think that the few vehicles turning in would cause such a problem, besides traffic is already going way too fast on that curb.

— Joe Bello

People will leave Salisbury alone and go to other towns that welcome them. Soon you’ll be all by yourself and nobody will stop.

— Sally Edwards

This has got to be the dumbest decision ever. Oh course, let’s turn away tax money and jobs, this is Salisbury. The comment about not having Jake Alexander look like Innes Street is ridiculous. Look at Jake now; it’s just as bad if not worse looking. This is the reason Smallsbury is still a backwoods, hick location.

— Tom Trexler

What about a second Chic-fil-A in town instead of another Zaxby’s? But not exactly where they’re talking about on Jake. I would also love to see a Steak and Shake at the shopping center where Kohl’s is or across the street where the new Hobby Lobby is going.

— Tara Bare

No wonder Salisbury is in the state it is. What a shame to give up more tax revenue, not to mention 50-60 jobs? Sorry, Planning Board, but you definitely made the wrong decision here. I challenge the City Council to approve this!

,— Jane Queen

,… County leadership has good eye for the future

Brand changing may be a good thing. When you enter Rowan County you are greeted by a sign that states “a county committed to excellence.” Why not just live up to that by being the county committed to education by supporting and funding the schools to the fullest? What good is a major company if we do not have an educated workforce that can support it?

— Mark Lyerly

“Rowan County, a mall for all.” Now that is genuinely funny!

— John Blair

…UNC president deserved better from Board of Governors

These are indeed scary times for those of us teaching in the UNC system. We have taken severe budget cuts while also being blamed for high student debt. We have been attacked for poor student performance while seeing our professional development resources continually slimming. I am a dedicated teacher who loves her students, and an administrator who holds faculty and staff to high standards. I hope the days of seeing the value of higher education, the days when our exemplary UNC system was supported and valued, return soon.

— Cathy Mahaffey

… Gov. Jim Martin melds science, religion

So, we don’t fully understand something, therefore God. Arguments from ignorance are not scientific, logically valid, or intellectually honest.

— Randy Wanat

Randy Wanat, that’s one interpretation of the former governor’s position. I think it’s the wrong interpretation made from an atheistic world view. An alternative interpretation, made from a Biblical world view, would be that Gov. Martin is saying (1) God created, Genesis 1:1, and (2) God’s power and majesty are clearly shown in His creation, Romans 1:20.

— Larry Jones

Thank you, Dr. Martin, for showing that science and religion are not mutually exclusive. No one divides by zero except God because the quotient cannot be defined by human endeavors. This is the reason there is no such thing as a perfect right angle in plane geometry or a perfectly square corner in a building. The omnipotent power of the Divine is on display.

— Reginald Brown

Theists are always claiming that scientists are turning to God and spitting on their atheistic “world view.” …The message here is saying you can have it both ways. Trying to mix science and religion, religion and gub’mint, as well, is basically trying to have it both ways. It’s always proof of a desperate attempt at acceptance and saving face. Religion is myth, science is theory, and that’s all both things have ever been, ever will be, need be, and that’s enough.

— Butch Young

…Return MLK Parade to Monday

The MLK parade this year was good! There was a greater attendance than last year as onlookers. The parade participants were excited and proud to be apart of the event.

Anytime there is a change, we have to allow that change to take hold. It provided an entire weekend of celebrations to occur. Monday did not seem as jammed packed with activities as it had been in recent years. …  I see both sides; however, if we really are to embrace Dr. King’s dream of working together and to always find ways to grow, we need to come together for the good of most.

— Rosalind O. Mitchell

… Unity sermon message: Break down barriers of faith

What a beautiful and heartfelt message! I wish I could have been there to hear this minister. I love “Mending Wall” by Robert Frost. It was always a part of my curriculum as an 11th grade Advanced Placement teacher of English! I have thought about Frost’s lines many times during recent racial upheaval in this nation. We must come together as unified people who work together for the good of our families, our schools, our churches, and our nation!

— Fern Ragan


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