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Real estate transfers filed in the office of Register of Deeds John Brindle with sale price indicated by revenue stamps. Deeds with no stamps are not listed. 


Atwell Township

Clarence Woolledge and others to Andrew Biles and wife, $95,000

Bobby Lee Kilby and wife to Sarah Anne Konetzny and Michael O. Bond, $55,000

Annie B. Wilkinson and husband to Daniel B. Hefner, $205,000

Michael D. Beam and spouse to Michael R. Moore and spouse, $380,000

Trustee Services of Carolina, LLC to Stone Properties & Development, LLC, $58,000
China Grove Township

Christie A. Harris and husband to Bounyasane Lathaphasavang and wife, $100,000

James L. Carter, Jr. as substitute trustee to Southern Select Community Credit Union, $134,000

Ronnie Eugene Cline to Larry Page and wife, $15,000

Ronnie Eugene Cline to Larry page and wife, $2,500

CitiFinancial Servicing, LLC as attorney-in-fact to Joshua Rogers, $25,000

Robert Lee Combs, Jr. and wife and others to Susan Elkins and others, $114,000

Kelly R. Preston and wife to Veronica Fore, $346,000

Estate of Lucy Efird Lovin to Kathy Berrier and husband, $79,000

Johnny Darrell Hines and wife to Rebecca Shoe, $149,000

Laura Sides to Wilmer R. Ortiz, $33,000

Scott Barrett to Shanda Miller, $450,000

Perry & Perry Properties, LLC to Wendy Amaya Hernandez and Moises Jonathan Lopez Mendoza, $64,000

Shea Castlebrooke, LLC to Shea Real Estate Investments, LLC, $21,000

Eric L. Scarborough to Brenda J. Hightower, $19,000

Karen White Small and husband and others to M. J. Barger, $50,000

Richard E. McGuire and wife to Richard S. McGuire and wife, $131,000

Jerry B. Short and wife to Bradford G. Vollmoeller and wife, $225,000

Judith Carol Taylor to Mary Theresa Martin, $8,000

Dean Burke and others to Glenda S. Upright, $19,000

Mary Linn Schnitger and husband to David B. Hamilton and wife, $192,500

First Troy SPE, LLC to Andrew Deal, $8,000

Sherry Van Dyke Cortese to Donald Hardin, Jr., $45,000

John T. Hudson as administrator of estate to Eduardo Perez and wife, $20,000

Grady I. Ingle to Federal National Mortgage Association, $71,000


Cleveland Township

Linda Clodfelter and husband to L. Mark Wilhem, $14,000

Martha G. Myers to L. Mark Wilhem, $14,000

A.W. Myers and wife to Cynthia Lou Childs, $49,000

Substitute Trustee Services, Inc. to Nationstarr Mortgage, LLC, $53,000


Franklin Township

Gregory M. Hannold and wife to Steadfast Capital Management, LLC, $52,000

Margaret Slack to Donald Yates, Sr. and wife, $63,000

Betty Sprinkle Shaver to My Linh Mai Tran and Nhung Thi Mai, $158,000

Patti C. Kluttz and husband and others to Gary W. Collier and wife, $78,000

Cathy B. Hopkins and husband to 285 Waggoner, LLC, $44,000

Royce Virgil Colby and William R. Jones and wife, $180,000

David Richard Harrison to David R. Harrison and Sarah M. Giles, $1,000

Kristen Waller Agner executrix of estate to Allen B. Ailshie, Jr. and wife, $13,500

Monica Dillion and Maragaret G. Wansley to Denny K. Shelton and wife, $94,000

JPMorgan Chase Bank, N.A. to DFD Holding Group, LLC, $55,000

Frances Rufty Barbee and Myra Barbee Trexler and husband to Carolina Custom Rubber, Inc., $15,000

Diana L. Vogel to Bradley Lee Vogel, $119,000

Trustee Services of Carolina, LLC to Hildebran Investment Properties, LLC, $130,500

Shea Investment Fund I, LLC to Kimberly A. Palmer and Andrew B. Shell, $205,000

Henry C. Giles and wife to Dana Santiago and wife, $105,000

Grady I. Ingle as substitute trustee to U.S. Bank N. A. as trustee, $52,000

James Jackson and wife to Cameron J. Allison and Jennifer L. Capps, $85,000

Terry Wayne Beeker and wife to Dung Quoc Le and wife, $103,000

Mary Anne Laningham to Randolph S. Meeks and Sondra L. Meeks as trustees, $230,000


Gold Hill Township

Kent M. Wilhelm and wife and Dean Williams and wife to Kent M. Wilhelm and wife, $7,500

Robert Hunter house and Teri R. House to Terry William Medley, $15,000

Jerry D. Morgan to the Department of Transportation, $24,500

CitiFinancial Servicing, LLC as attorney-in-fact to Everett F. Coren, Jr. and Barbara R. Coren, $25,000

Beck L. Westberg to the Department of Transportation, $4,000

Makeyia Dawn Spivey to Otis Burley Gillette, $160,000

Craft Development, LLC to True Homes, LLC, $50,000

Vickie Ludwig Evans and husband to Kingsley Agabaeze, Jr. and wife, $155,000

Otis Dean Greene to Cathy Petty and Lisa Milloway, $10,000

Cynthia W. Miller and husband to Jonathan R. Lee and wife, $104,000

Phillip Lowman and wife to Heather N. Moore and husband, $175,500

Anthony L. Cinquemani, III as executor of estate and others to Kiana Nicole Hamilton, $33,500

Deirdre D. DeFlorentis as substitute trustee to Vanderbilt Mortgage and Finance, Inc., $75,000

CMH Homes, Inc. to Tonya Michelle Wood, $4,000


Litaker Township

Margaret M. Cauble and husband to Errin C. Brown and wife, $62,000

Frank M. Hyatt and wife to Taylor Honeycutt and wife, $109,500

Gilbert Craig Kluttz and wife to the Department of Transportation, $2,500

Joyce Fair to David Harrison, $55,000

Richard S. Snyder and Novella W. Snyder to Spencer Lane Construction, LLC, $20,000

JPMorgan Chase Bank, N.A. to Penny Cooper Chandler, $48,000

Grady I. Ingle as substitute trustee to JPMorgan Chase Bank, N.A., $81,000

Kathy G. Shockly to Kory R. Abernathy and wife, $230,000

Amy Daniels to Christopher Adam McCord and wife, $201,500


Locke Township

Charles Reid Link and wife and Mart Ann Link Moore and husband to Nancy S. Link, $9,000

JPMorgan Chase Bank, N.A. To Marina A. Henriquez and Jerry Rodriguez Cruz $27,500

Plantation Ridge to Amy J. Chandler, $220,000

Plantation Ridge to Brian Sproul and wife, $235,000

Barrett R. Hill and wife to Rebecca Catherine Ethel Jones, $120,000

Plantation Ridge to Kenneth S. Hollman and wife, $40,000

Wells Fargo Bank, N.A. as trustee to Daniel Caleb Belt and Shelby Fowler Belt, $80,000

Mark Alexander Albright as trustee to Carol A. Adams, $117,000

Philip A. Adams and wife to Cynthia W. Miller and husband, $166,000

First Troy SPE, LLC to Blue Jay Investments, LLC, $400,000

Blueharbor Bank to Ventures in Grace, LLC, $225,000


Morgan Township

Marathon Land Developers, LLC to Emerald Bay Homeowners Association, Inc., $50,000

Lowell T. Ara and spouse to Daniel Xiong and spouse, $147,000

Margaret H. Morgan and others to John C. Allen and wife, $80,000


Providence Township

James Carl Alexander and wife to Christopher Jaret Doty and wife, $20,000

Tap Financial, LLC to Litewave Association, LLC, $25,000

Douglas E. Lyerly and wife to the Department of Transportation, $500

Philip H. Moe and wife to Philip H. Moe and Wife and Joyce E. Starr, $1,500

Willis Edward Branch and wife to Thomas Michael Toton and wife, $200,000

Greystone Builders, Inc. to Alan J. Liebold and wife, $15,000

Mark A. Misenheimer and wife to Mark R. Hainline and wife, $545,000

The Bluffs at High Rock, LLC to Richard J. Hajda and wife, $55,000

Randolph S. Meeks and wife to James Richard Spears, $261,000

Blue Jay Investments, LLC to Rib Property Partners, LLC, $675,000

Bank of North Carolina to Jackie L. Franzil, $7,000

Trustee Services of Carolina, LLC to The Bank of New York Mellon as trustee, $95,500


Salisbury Township

Richard Graham and wife to L. Mark Wilhem, $14,000

Bernd H. Hofmann and wife to Steadfast Capital Management, LLC, $42,000

Megan Leinonen to Steven A. Freeman, $77,500

Bayard C. Alcorn and wife and others to Amy Pickler, $75,000

John F. Waller, III and wife and others to Ron Shyu and wife, $17,000

Erica A. Williams and wife to Robert Byrne, $6,000

Ruth Ann Leonard to Yadkin Historical Museum Foundation Inc., $24,000

Archibald Leroy Jarrell, III and wife to Archibald Leroy Jarrell, IV and wife, $284,000

Violet Third Street Holdings, LLC to Main Street Investments, LLC, $26,500

George L. Lentz and Debbi M. Lentz to Mark R. Grover and wife, $204,000

Equity Trust Company, Custodian FBO Thomas H. Haughton, III, IRA to Douglas L. Christian, $6,500

David R. Harrison to David R. Harrison and Sarah M. Giles, $1,000

Leah C. Kalin and spouse and others to David Piirtola and wife, $55,000

David R. Harrison to David R. Harrison and Sarah M. Giles, $1,000

Donnie G. Allen and others to Jeffery Mitchell Settle and wife, $20,000

David R. Harrison to David R. Harrison and Sarah M. Giles, $1,000

Wells Fargo Financial North Carolina 1, Inc. to Donald B. Salmond, $33,000

Goddard & Peterson, PLLC as substitute trustee to SunTrust Bank, $39,500

Luke J. Santillo and wife to Shannon K. Wood, $110,000

Sands of WB, LLC to Richard P. Goodman and wife, $110,000

America IRA, LLC to James Kerr and wife, $21,500

Grady I. Ingle as substitute trustee to JPMorgan Chase Bank, N.A., $63,000

Linda Bringle Owen and husband and others to Town of Granite Quarry, $7,000

Gary Monte Bringle and others to the Town of Granite Quarry, $43,000

Yadkin Bank to Steadfast Capital Management, LLC, $26,000


Mt. Ulla Township

Margaret S. Sloop Family Limited Partnership and others too Philip L. Sloop Jr., $300,000

Michael B. Thompson and wife to Jeffrey S. Cook and wife, $350,000

Lexie Joel Greene and spouse to Bruce A. Johnson and spouse, $44,000

State Employees Credit Union to Gary Bruner and wife, $65,000

Margaret S. Sloop Family Limited Partnership to Moore Farm, Inc., $190,000


Unity Township

Thomas F. Barber, Jr. and wife to Hector Bautista Hernandez, $3,000

Scotch-Irish Township

Henry Lee Dulin, Jr. to Reginal Keaton, $2,500



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