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Letters to the editor — Sunday (1-4-15)

Some thoughts
on paying taxes

I have just grudgingly written my check for Rowan and Salisbury taxes. Grudgingly until I thought and remembered the many services, including Police, Fire Protection, EMS, Sanitation(trash and garbage pickup), Recreation and Parks, Transportation, and more then I can mention.

I admire the qualifications necessary to be a policeman.  I especially am impressed with the advanced training including College Degrees and their completion of the requirements to achieve the many advanced course certificates.

The outstanding trash and garbage  service is very appreciated.  The men who work in every type of weather, do it with enthusiasm and my observance has been they do it safely.

The “Pot Hole” care has much to be desired, even when reminded of some bad ones.  I suppose the absence of care here is a”boon” to the vehicle front end repair people

In any event I will save up for next year.

— Charlie Harris


Save tax credits

Re: Solar panels going up in Salisbury

I was extremely pleased to read about the success of the Solarize Salisbury-Rowan initiative. It’s clear to me that solar is the way to go as we work to reduce our dependence on foreign oil and to protect our environment. I’m glad to read that others have come to the same conclusion!

I think the Solarize program is an extremely important first step, but it’s also just that—the first step on a long, sunny road. Star Power, a recent report released by Environment North Carolina, shows that North Carolina will reach 20% solar by 2030 at only a fraction of its current rate of growth, but that’s only if we continue the policies that have made North Carolina a hospitable place for solar development.

The article mentions that we are at risk of losing our solar tax credits. We need to show our state legislature that the solar industry is wanted and needed by North Carolinians across the aisle and the state, and push for an extension of the tax credits past 2015!

— Maya Gold


Hudson’s vote

Congressmen seldom have the opportunity to take a clear stand on a vote. But Richard Hudson will have that chance Tuesday when every member of the House will individually stand up and say the name of the person they endorse as their leader. There will be no room to make excuses, claim to have been duped, or blame a “misunderstanding.”

The re-election of John Boehner is viewed by many as a given. However, that is far from the truth.

Myth: Boehner has been selected by the House Republican Conference, therefore he must be re-elected.

Truth: The House Republican Conference only chose a nominee.

Myth: There will never be enough votes to keep Boehner from being re-elected speaker.

Truth: Under House rules, only 30 members need to oppose Boehner to keep him from acquiring a majority and thereby regaining the speakership. Already 26 members have pledged to vote against him. Hudson could be the deciding vote.

Myth: Congressmen have to vote for Boehner or there will be consequences and retribution.

Truth: Boehner is on record promising he will not do this.

Myth: No one else wants the job.

Truth: According to House rules, the speaker of the House does not even have to be a member of Congress!

There is not a single honorable reason for Hudson to vote again for Boehner as speaker. To do so would only show that Hudson seeks the approval of, and serves, Boehner rather than the citizens of the 8th district who elected. As of this writing, Hudson has yet to declare who he intends to cast his vote for as speaker.

Representative Hudson, we, your constituents, want to make a public declaration that your vote will declare once and for all if you stand with your constituents or if you stand with the failed leadership of John Boehner.

— Elisha Todd


Show respect

I just wanted to thank Mr. Spiceland for his well thought out letter which may tone down the rhetoric and blatant animosity expressed against our duly elected president. We don’t have to like or vote for the president, but we need to at least show respect to the office and current incumbents.

— Fred Krusemark


Specifics, please

Can Mr. Hughes kindly reference the ‘inappropriate speech’ he accuses President Obama of using in Mr. Hughes letter Tuesday, December 23?

— K.D. McCabe




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