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Doug Creamer: A New Beginning for 2015

It is hard for me to believe that another year has slipped away. When you are a child a year seems to go by so slowly…all except summer vacations! As an adult, the years seem to fly by at the speed of light. It reminds me that our time here on earth is short and that we have to make the most of every minute. So another year has come and gone and we need to prepare our hearts for the new year.

Many will set out to make resolutions for the new year. The idea behind resolutions is good. We should all step back and reflect on our lives. It is good to honestly take stock of where we have been and where we plan to go. It is a good thing when we can evaluate our lives honestly and acknowledge the good things and those that need to be improved. Some habits we have are good and we need to persist in order to keep them in our lives.

We all have bad habits or behaviors that are hurting ourselves and others. I know this because we are all sinners. Some will make resolutions and actually make good changes in their lives. Most will curb the behavior for a short period of time and then return to their old ways. We are sinners, prone to walking in paths that lead us away from God.

The best way to achieve lasting change in our lives is by inviting the Spirit of God into our lives. When the Spirit comes, he brings grace, which gives us the power to change. Many people believe that grace is similar to forgiveness. God pours out his grace on us because we are sinners and his grace allows us to enter his presence. That’s only part of the picture.

God’s grace is also the agent that will help us change. We can call upon the grace of God to access the power of God so we can change. Our human nature is inclined to want to sin. God’s nature is inclined to walk in righteousness. So if we call upon God’s nature through his grace to work within us we will be led to walk in God’s ways. The issue becomes our commitment to making the change, because He is ready and willing to help us change.

You may think that past failures in your life can keep you from making the desired change. That thought comes from one of two places: the enemy, who wants to keep you from God’s plans in your life, or your own self-doubt. We know ourselves and our weaknesses so it is easy to believe that change is beyond our ability. The enemy just reinforces that kind of thinking. Some people have incredible willpower and can create change in their lives, but the majority of us need God’s help.

The good news is God wants to help us make positive changes in our lives. Some people falsely believe that we just have to sit back and let God do the work. The truth is that God partners with us to affect change in our lives. We have to do the work of resisting temptation, then God can step in and help us overcome. We have to take the negative thoughts captive and give them to God so He can help us see the potential of our success. We have to confess our failures and believe that God can restore us and put us back on the road to success.

There is a part for us to do, a time that we must fight for the change that we desire. God is always faithful and He will provide the grace and power if we will trust in Him. If the enemy knocks you off your horse, repent and get right back on the horse, fighting your way to the place of victory that God has for you. We serve a mighty, loving, and forgiving God. You will achieve your goal and walk in the favor of God.

So the ball is in your court. It’s time to honestly consider what changes you and God can make this year. Wait for God to lead you. I want to encourage you to listen for God’s plan for your 2015. God sees you walking in victory. God sees you overcoming. God knows it will be difficult but His grace is sufficient to see you through. I believe this could be a great year for you if you will partner with God to make the changes that His grace will empower you to make in 2015.

Doug Creamer has a new book out at Amazon: “Revenge at the Bluebird Café.” Contact him at doug@dougcreamer.com

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