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Published 12:00 am Friday, December 12, 2014

… New Rowan County commissioners Chairman Greg Edds’ comments at first meeting

The time for platitudes is over. Time for action!

— Chris Borre

This election was a game-changer from the beginning. Let’s continue to hope that Mr. Edds’ words inspire the kind of behavior that will bring honor and respect to our county, instead of the unproductive and embarrassing political bashing that has characterized our county government up until now. Mr. Edds’ words aren’t “platitudes”… they are promises, and they thankfully reflect a giant sea-change from what we’ve seen in the recent past.

We, as citizens, need to recognize the wisdom of what he is proposing and apply it to our own actions. He didn’t make this stuff up himself, you know… Some of us have been saying the same things for years! Let’s pray that this time, the path is truly upward for our county, our economy, and especially our school system.

— William Bucher

We live in troubled and disappointing times in our nation, but we can affect positive change individually in our communities. To the residents of Rowan County, let’s each be the best we can be, and believe in one another. If we become aware of a problem, whether we have a resolution or not, positively offer that information to county leadership, then, let’s give respect to our leadership. If we offer our positive input, trust our leadership, and hold them accountable in a respectful manner, then gradually we will see positive change. We’re all in the same boat. Let’s agree to pull together to get this ship to shore safely, and, may our anchor hold fast in the morals and values that honor one another and our creator.

— Jean Fail Allen

… Dr. Ada Fisher’s column, ‘Solutions for Republicans to win the future”

Dr. Fisher really nailed it here. Unfortunately, the establishment Republican leadership, even though taken off-guard by this overwhelming victory, are already acting more like the Democrats they just defeated than the conservatives that elected them.

— Steve Pender

… Pastor Tim Jones donating a kidney to his new friend Don Herbert

This is a perfect lesson as to the way mankind should live. God bless these men.

— Ken Beck

Having been raised in the Southern Gospel music family, this absolutely touches my heart. The Southern Gospel world definitely is a “family”! Praying for both of these men.

— Brittany Harris

… Kenneth Hardin’s column, “What black fathers tell their sons”

This is a moving piece, but had Garner or Brown acted in any way close to what you describe, they would both be alive — probably in jail awaiting trial — but alive.

— Cathy Mahaffey

This will not be seen as a problem for some until sons of white Americans, with the same exact behaviors, are treated the same way by law enforcement. It is what it is.

— Jill Tindal

Race has nothing to do with proper behavior…why we have to have a million laws nobody adheres to, when 10 Commandments were 9 too many…only one is needed…. Treat others AS you want to be treated! Where did I go so wrong?

— Larry Craver

Race and behavior are two different issues. Race and police aggression are two different issues. Race and classism are two different issues. We conflate them in order to “prove” our position. If I am understanding Mr. Hardin correctly, behavior, police aggression, and classism (among other things) are the results of systemic racism (both conscious and unconscious judgement based on skin color).

At the moment, listening and being right seems to be oxymoronic, and, one might think while reading the comments in the Post, also in our DNA. Until we can admit, individually, that we might be wrong, or mistaken, or clouded, or pre-conditioned to a point of view, we are doomed to be welded to our position, no matter how destructive to self (and ultimately to community) that position might be. Thank you, Mr. Hardin, for continuing to try to create an opening.

— Whitney Peckman

I too distrust the system Kenny. Unfortunately, many folks are more interested in being “right” than truly listening to those put in the position like many black fathers have been. But I don’t expect folks to get it. They have the privilege of engaging in indifferent and distant arguments for a system that works best for others and not for others.

— Anthony Smith

… N.C.’s long cinematic history and the effects of eliminating incentives

History….and it could have been the future.

— Elizabeth Giles

… Local residents packing 17,000 boxes for Operation Christmas Child

That is awesome.

— Melinda Roe

… China Grove Middle cheerleaders including Emily Hall, who has Down syndrome

Good role models, and extra special young ladies.

— Ken Beck

Very special young ladies. We should follow their example!

— Debbie Shumate

Thank you CGMS 8th Grade Cheer squad. Your acceptance has helped Emily more than years of therapy. So very proud of you all…

— Shelby Carpenter

We’re proud of you, Em!!

— Johnny Lombard

I taught Emily at CGE for two year, and she is absolutely precious. So proud of the young lady she has become

— Nannette Cogill

… Local resident among Civil Air Patrol members receiving Congressional medal

It’s good to see the Civil Air Patrol still receiving acclaim for their role in WW2, including training many of the pilots who flew for the military.

— Disciples of Flight

… Fifth-graders donating $1,000 to the Price of Freedom Museum

Great job to the three fifth-grade classes at China Grove Elementary — Every fifth-grader in Rowan-Salisbury Schools visits the Price of Freedom Museum, located at 2420 Weaver Road. It’s an awesome and sobering place. Thanks Mr. Mault and everyone who volunteers.

— Mark Lyerly

This is an amazing story. I’m so proud to have been a part of this museum by helping restore the Navy room with a group of co-workers from Food Lion. Mr. Mault is such a great person and what he’s doing with the museum is incredible.

— Kevin Boyle