Youth review “A Seussified Christmas Carol”

Published 12:00 am Thursday, December 11, 2014

The Norvell Theater, located at 135 E. Fisher St, will present “A Seussified Christmas Carol” Dec. 12 and 19 with shows beginning at 7:30 p.m. and Dec. 13 and 20 with shows beginning at 2:30 p.m. and 7:30 p.m. Tickets are $8 for students and seniors and $10 for adults. They can be purchased online at or by calling 704-633-5471.

Rowan County students were invited to preview the show and gave it the following reviews:

“My favorite part was when Scrooge was in bed and all the ghosts came out each day. I loved the twist that was presented in the play. It made it so creative and funny. I would give this play five stars!” – Ismael Steel

“‘A Seussified Christmas Carol’ is awesome! My favorite part was when the 20 pink haired kids ran to their parents. I wondered what the play would be like if it was about Scrooge actually liking Christmas to begin with. Overall, this play was brilliant!” – Xavier Suber 

“I thought the play was amazing! I loved the 20 pink haired children running out onto the stage. This was my favorite scene. This play was extremely funny.” Tarryn Chase

“Overall, ‘A Seussified Christmas Carol’ was interesting. I loved the character Scrooge and his voice was amazing. The accent was great. The twist to the story was brilliant. Everybody did amazing! Wonderful job!!” Mia Mason

“‘A Seussified Christmas Carol’ is a really good play. It’s really funny and the actors are great. It’s the perfect play to see with your family and friends. There are great actors and the costumes are funny. You will love this play! – Kendall Colwell

“‘A Seussified Christmas Carol’ is a great play. It’s based upon the novel, ‘A Christmas Carol,’ except the people are dressed up as Dr. Seuss characters. Everything rhymes. It has a bunch of emotion. The actors are great. It is worth watching! – Raja Blankenship

“Overall ‘A Seussified Christmas Carol’ play was a creative and funny play but I have two little changes that I would make. First off, younger kids talk fast but Thing 1 and Thing 2 brought it to a whole new level. I could understand bits and pieces but it was confusing at times. Maybe have them slow down. Second, I know it’s just a play and we’re supposed to have fun, but every scene ran right into each other. But other than those two changes, the show was creative, funny, different, and cool. I would give it 3.5 stars. Great job!” – Ava McCall 

“The play was phenomenal! The actors were great. I really liked the characters Thing 1 and Thing 2. I wished the ghosts would have been able to magically appear. That would have been cool. If I could have changed anything, I would have added fake snow falling and more decorations. This would make the play even more amazing!” – Navarah

“’A Seussified Christmas Carol’ was the best and funniest play I’ve ever seen. All of the cast members did a great job. My favorite character was the ghost of the present. She was my favorite character because I liked her costume, and she was really cheerful and funny. Also, she had great dance moves.” – Laila Mills

“My favorite characters in the play were the Scrooge and the Ghost Of Christmas Future. Some of the costumes were very cute and funny, especially Jake Marley. I loved the play.” – Kennedy Summers

“I liked the part of the play when The Ghost of Christmas Present snuck up on Scrooge. It was funny.” – Adanysa Santiago

“I like the Ghost of Christmas Present because she was so funny and awesome.” – Dillan Readling  

“The Seussified Christmas Carol was really cool because I liked how it was like Dr. Seuss. I also liked how it rhymed. It was very funny.” – Kayleigh Dellinger

“The Seussified Christmas Carol was really entertaining. Scrooge was really good. I wouldn’t be able to remember all those words, but they did great. Everybody was funny.” – Destiny Davis

“The best thing was the costumes and the Scrooge. They did good acting, and it was very funny.” – Austin Moore

“My favorite character was the Scrooge. He was funny and he had a good accent.” – Dominick Mattox

“I liked the play. The best part of the play was when the Ghost of Christmas Present showed up. She was so funny. I also loved her costume. It was so pretty. The play was super funny and exciting. I LOVED IT!” – Makayla Upright

“I loved the ‘Seussified Christmas Carol’ because it was really funny. It had cool costumes. I also liked it because it taught us that you always need to be nice to people and to share with people when they need something like money so they can buy food for their family.” – Braxtyn Barger

“My favorite part of the play was when the younger Scrooge was playing the guitar. I started laughing the whole entire time that he was on the stage.” Brandon Nickholas Hardin

“I liked Thing 1 and Thing 2 because they were funny. Their costumes were cute. Also, I liked their blue hair.” – Karrigan Foster

“What I liked about the Seussified Christmas Carol is the Ghost Of Christmas Past because she was really good and the clothes that she had on were really pretty. She was very loud so that everyone could hear her. Also, she was really funny and an amazing actress. She was really pretty, and I just loved her.” – Madelyn Voncanon

“I really liked all of the characters. My favorite part was when the first ghost came.” Claire Hodge

“I liked the play because the actors and actresses were really funny. The costumes were super cute. The Ghost Of Christmas Present was the cutest costume. My favorite part was when Ghost Of Christmas Future showed up. It was awesome, and I want to go again.” – Evelyn Kwitowski

“I just loved the play. I think everybody should see the play. My favorite part was when Scrooge said he needed a change of pants because he had been so scared by the ghosts.” – Mason Lee

“I liked the play a lot. My favorite part is when the Scrooge started to like Christmas. I also like the part when the Ghost of Christmas Future showed up.” – Bryan Taylor

“My favorite part of ‘A Seussified Christmas Carol’ is the Ghost of the Future because he was mysterious.” – Carlos Mancia

“My favorite part was when Scrooge figured out what was going to happen to him if he kept on hating Christmas.” – Ben Lee

“I liked the play because it was weird like the Scrooge’s accent, the colorful costumes, and funny lines.” – Erick Dubon Lemus

‘The play was amazing. I loved it. My favorite part was when the ghost of Christmas past, future and present came. They surprised the Scrooge.” – Lilliana Absher

“My favorite part was when Sven came on stage. The play was awesome.” Justis Barrone

“I thought that the best part was when The Ghost Of Christmas Future came. It was cool and scary at the same time. The entire play was absolutely amazing.” Alex Bouk

“I liked the play because it was fun to watch. I thought the Ghost of Christmas Past was cool.” – Tanner Brown 

“I thought the show was great because of the way they made it seem like it was happening. I liked the way that Narrator #2 expressed her feelings.” Peyton Bruce

“I liked the play because it was funny. All the characters were loud and not shy. My favorite character was the Ghost of Christmas Past.” – Katie Carillo-Gonzalez

“I liked the play because it was very creative and funny. My favorite characters were Belle and The Ghost of Christmas Past. I absolutely loved the play and would encourage other people to watch the play because I would want to watch it again.” Ciara Cuthbertson

“I liked the play because they had kids in it. It was funny, and they were talented.” Torie Cuthbertson

“I like the part where Scrooge got scared by the ghost. My other favorite part was that young Scrooge was partying with his friends. Young Scrooge was thinking about money instead of his girlfriend.” – Zevion Cuthrell

“I liked the play very much. My favorite part about the play is when they acted out like it is was a game show, and they were giving Jake different gifts. I recommend people to watch the play because it was very funny.” – Abram Davis

“I liked the play because they acted it out like it was real life. Scrooge learned to be nice instead of mean and greedy.” – Paxton Greene

“I like the play. There was a man named Scrooge, but he hated Christmas. Three ghosts showed up each night and changed his ways. Now the Scrooge was a very nice person and was never mean again.” – Emily Kelly

“My favorite part of the play was when the Scrooge got told that he was going to be haunted with ghosts. He did not believe that he was going to be haunted, but he was wrong. The Scrooge was haunted with a ghost three times. I liked the Scrooge. He was really funny.” – Brooklynn Lawson

“My favorite part was when the Scrooge went back in time to see his past. I also liked the ghost of Christmas Present. She had a really pretty dress. I liked the background because each door moved up and down. The play teaches you not to be greedy.” – Anna Parrish

“My favorite part of the play was when the Ghost of Christmas Future showed Scrooge that he died. Another part I liked was when the Scrooge saw his Christmas past. He was very sad. I really liked the part when Thing 1 and Thing 2 confessed they SEUSSIFIED the play. It was a great play.” – Mason Quarles 

“My favorite part was the Ghost of Christmas Present. She was really funny when she put her hand on the mean person’s shoulder. The man took her hand off and then she got sad. I like how she dressed really pretty. I wish I could go see it again.” Wendy Merino 

“This play was a awesome thing to see. It was a good play because the narrators were really funny. Just saying the Scrooge was a harsh guy in the beginning, but he changed at the end.” – Chris Sayavong

“What I liked about ‘The Seussified Chrismas Carol’ was when Thing 1 and Thing 2 made funny rhymes. I liked when Scrooge was believing in Christmas and dancing with the women. I love the ghosts that changed Scrooge’s life.” – Jamila Smith

“I liked the show. It was great, and I would like to see it again. I hope to be an actress in a show like this one day.” – Jonique Staton

“My favorite part was the lesson that the play taught. It taught me not to be greedy.” Easton Troutman

“I enjoyed the play. I like Timmy. He got a broken leg and did not die. “ Andrew Zheng