United success

Published 10:05 am Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Congratulations to Campaign Chairman Greg Dunn and the scores of volunteers behind the success of this year’s United Way campaign.

They raised more than $1.95 million, taking the campaign well past this year’s $1.879 goal. That’s good news for volunteers but even better news for the people who use the services of the 15 member agencies. From the American Red Cross to the Hurley YMCA, the agencies touch thousands of lives and contribute mightily to the quality of life in Rowan County.

Thanks go to the people making the pledges and contributions, from the biggest corporate donations to the smallest individual one. They showed their concern for neighbors, friends and others by contributing to the annual campaign. In a world where it seems so many are looking out only for themselves, United Way supporters are willing to help others.

Local car dealers give United Way a special boost. They host the report meetings and — the really big deal — help give a free car to the winner of a drawing involving everyone who pledges $52 or more. Nancy Goodson won a car, simply by supporting United Way.

The Rowan County United Way and its staff do so much for the community in addition to the annual campaign for member agencies. When the Pillowtex shutdown hit Rowan County like a tsunami in 2003 and put thousands out of work, United Way helped pull together a coordinated community response. The United Way has also supported the revived Christmas Bureau to accept applications for several programs, once again pulling people together to share resources and streamline processes.

Rowan County as a whole could use more of that kind of spirit. Coordinating our efforts, developing consensus and pulling together — these things make life go a lot smoother for everyone. Together, we’re stronger.

Thanks again to the donors and volunteers who made this campaign successful. Whether you gave time, money or both, the entire community will benefit from your unselfish gift. Give yourself a pat on the back; you deserve it.