Letters to the editor — Monday (11-17-2014)

Published 12:56 am Monday, November 17, 2014

What is the progress of upgrading Klumac Road? Perhaps a better question is, what is the holdup of progress? Was there a good reason why it was cut at the railroad crossing so soon since leaving it open would not have affected what little work that has been done to the present? Other than the city’s and railroad’s great desire to shut down that crossing?

From what I read in the Post, there was supposed to be a temporary railroad detour built beside the present tracks, but so far that has not happened. And I have my doubts that it will be “temporary” but instead will become a part of a double rail line through Salisbury. However, they are working on installing a second set of tracks from China Grove toward Salisbury. Are we supposed to wait until they reach Salisbury before the city/railroad will continue work on Klumac?

In the meantime, while they are using the future roadbed to grow a fine crop of weeds, why doesn’t Salisbury repair the Klumac Road crossing so traffic can continue to use that route until it becomes necessary to cut it again for some real work? So what if the RR would have to reinstall the crossing arms? They shouldn’t have been in such a rush to remove them.  Another Salisbury Fiasco!

— Don Champion


The Salisbury Post ran an article on Saturday, Oct. 4, titled “Feds override NC on draining coal ash dumps.” The article state that the McCrory administration quietly gave Duke Energy approval in August to start emptying all of its coal ash dumps across the state. Consequently, the EPA stepped in, and if it had not done so, massive amounts of polluted wastewater from these sites would have been dumped directly into our rivers and lakes. This is one reason why the Republican Party wants to abolish the EPA. Without the EPA, Big Business would have free rein to pollute our rivers, lakes and groundwater. One can only wonder what other sneaky deals the McCrory administration has brokered to allow Big Business to “quietly” squander our natural resources and pollute our state!

— Conan F. Thompson


I not only find it hard to believe but am actually quite disturbed that the Salisbury Post did not find it newsworthy to report the comments made by Jonathan Gruber, the primary architect of the Affordable Care Act, stating that they (the administration) had to mislead, deceive and rely on the stupidity of the American voter to get this bill passed.

This should have been made the front page of every NEWS paper in the U.S. There was once a time in this country when the media and journalists reported the actual news and not their agenda and were respected for it. It’s a sad day in America when you can’t get your news from a newspaper. I look forward to reading another article tomorrow in the Post on how Kay Hagan could have won the election. Being a stupid voter I won’t notice the repetitiveness.

— Bob Smith