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Letters to the editor — Sunday (11-2-14)

Educators support Rowan United Way

I have had the privilege of chairing the Education Division of the Rowan County United Way this year. I want to publicly thank all of the account managers representing Rowan-Salisbury Schools and our local private schools, Rowan-Cabarrus Community College, Catawba College, Livingstone College and Hood Theological Seminary. Through your dedication and proactive efforts, we are making progress toward our 2014 goal.   

Educators are keenly aware of the impact of our United Way agencies which leverage the gifts acquired through the annual campaign to ensure that our most vulnerable citizens receive support during times of crisis.

We have been inspired by the success of some of the individual campaigns as we have heard testimonials from students, faculty members and school principals about their commitment to giving back to our community to improve the lives of others.

Last year, approximately 73,800 Rowan County residents received support from our 15 United Way agencies. Together, we make a tremendous difference.

Our next report meeting is on Wednesday at 12 noon at the Cloninger dealership on Jake Alexander Boulevard, and the campaign finale will be on Nov. 14 at the J.F. Hurley YMCA.

At our last report meeting, the Education Division had achieved approximately 75 percent of its goal. We still have time to include your gifts in this year’s campaign. Please join your fellow educators to help us meet our goal for 2014!

— Jeanie Moore


This voter is fed up

To all of you running for public office this year, a big, resounding BOO!!! You have inundated my voice mail, you’ve called me on the phone, not just once but numerous times throughout the day and night, and  even on Sunday.

I do not appreciate your constant, and dirty, ads. If the only way you can get elected to public office is by denigrating your opponent, then there must not be much to you. I have had enough. The taxpayers don’t want to hear your personal opinion of your opponent; we want to know what you plan to do for us , all of us, and our state/country.  So far, all we hear is how lousy the other guy is.

Shame on you. This is not professional, not stately, and definitely not first class. At this stage in the game, I couldn’t care less if any of you get elected!!! One word of advice to all of you.  If you are one of the candidates elected, then remember that the ones voted OUT of office were voted out by the taxpaying citizens. If we did it to them, we can do it to you. And remember this for next time. Connect with your constituents; don’t just tell me over and over again how bad the opposition is. We want to know how you feel, what you are going to do, and how is this going to improve our way of life? Most of all, don’t lie to us, we see through that. Anyone who thinks you are going into office with the idea you are going to instantly change things and make our life a hundred times better, and easier, is naïve, and they probably deserve you and your lousy ads.

We’re watching you!

— Jan McCanless

China Grove

Hunting licenses?

How is it that almost every aspect of our lives is public record but not who holds a valid hunting license in North Carolina?

As a licensed dental hygienist, licensed driver and owner of numerous registered items, my information is out there to be found by those who choose to look for it. However, I recently contacted Harvey White at the N.C. Wildlife Resources Commission and was told that there is no public access to the records of who holds valid hunting licenses in the state.

I found this rather incredible and wondered why. I am currently in Rowan County Superior Court with Joshua Logan Phillips who was charged Nov. 16, 2013, with felony animal cruelty in connection with the shooting of my cat, Mollie, with an arrow. I found Mollie, alive and impaled, and rushed her to the vet only to have to euthanize her. After almost a year, we still have not had our day in court, but I am continuing the fight for justice for Mollie.

As hunting season approached this year, I wanted to see if Phillips was still hunting. This is when I was informed there is no public access to that information. It amazes me that I can look up almost anything else about a person by either Google or other databases, but who holds a valid hunting license is top secret. Just makes you wonder.

— Cherie Smith



Just wanted to thank my Milford Hills Baptist Church family for the donation to Lottie Moon in my honor for pastor’s appreciation month. May our hearts continue to beat for our own community and the nation. I praise God for you. May we continue to strive together in loving God, growing together, and living abandoned lives for Christ, all to the glory of God.

— Bruce Beck


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