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Letters to the editor — Saturday (11-1-14)

Chairman never refused information

The writer is responding to a letter in Friday’s Post from school board member Josh Wagner.

Mr. Wagner and I have been on the school board the same length of time. I question the timing of his letter to the editor, “Chairman refuses information to the board,” right before the election. I find his allegations to be totally false. This is what I know to be true.

The board chair has never refused information to the board. From the emails that I have seen, Chairman Miller never refused preliminary bid information. He suggested that the information be delayed because it was “preliminary.” Chairman Miller wanted to wait until the bids had been vetted so correct, actual data would be given to the board.

In his letter, Mr. Wagner refers to secret meetings. I believe that no secret meetings took place. Is Mr. Wagner suggesting that we have a called meeting every time a new issue concerning the central office arises? That would be the protocol if we were to receive immediate information. There is no hidden information.

Mr. Wagner refers to dictatorial leadership. I have never seen dictatorial leadership. Referencing the preliminary central office bids, currently they are preliminary. We do not have the actual figures. In waiting until the figures were vetted, Chairman Miller followed the majority of the board’s decision to wait until Nov. 6 to receive the actual numbers. No motion was made by Mr. Wagner to do otherwise at the board meeting on Oct. 27. Frequently during meetings, Chairman Miller will ask, “What is the pleasure of the board?”

Mr. Wagner’s letter would make it seem there are clandestine operations occurring. No evidence exists to support this allegation. There are no clandestine operations.

— Susan Cox


A new leader

We as a county are at a pivotal point as we look to our future. Where are we going? What is our next move? Hopefully, we have learned from our mistakes and our past. We are currently facing a very important election. We have many good candidates running for county commissioner. We as a county made a statement in the primary we were not happy of the current direction, so what direction do we go? I write this letter to support a candidate that has a plan, Greg Edds.

For over a year, I have had many conversations with Greg. What we as a county are missing, what we need to do, what are our goals, and how we are going to accomplish these goals. I am excited to see a man passionate about making a difference. Thank you Greg for stepping up to be a leader when we need one. I ask that Rowan County step past a party line and take a step forward with me — vote for a step forward for the county by voting for Greg Edds.

— R. Lee Withers

China Grove

Serves with respect

The position of clerk of court requires someone who has knowledge of the court system and experience is critical. This individual makes decisions that affect families for the rest of their lives.  The clerk serves as the Ex-Officio Judge of Probate, presiding over incompetency hearings, partition hearings, foreclosures, adoptions, and provides jury instruction.

Jeff Barger graduated from Appalachian State University and his first job out of college was working in the Rowan County Clerk’s office for 4 years and later as a magistrate for 6 years. Jeff has 16 years of experience as Rowan County’s Clerk of Superior Court. Jeff currently serves on various committees, both locally and with the Administrative Office of the Courts. He serves on the AOC Rules and Recordkeeping Committee, and the AOC Technology Committee.  Jeff is a member of the Faith Civitans, a member of the Faith Fourth of July Committee and a member of the State Employees Credit Union Advisory Board. Jeff teaches Sunday school, sings in the choir and recently concluded his term as a council member.

These facts are what you want out of a person who serves the Citizens of Rowan County. Whether you are Democrat, Republican or unaffiliated, Jeff serves everyone with respect and politics aren’t a part of his job. With all this being said, I ask you to support my brother Jeff with whom I respect and look up to. He is a father, grandfather, brother and my best friend. Please go to the polls and support Jeff Barger for Clerk of Court.

— Randall Barger


Tax increase warning

Time is short for the voters of Rowan County to stop the massive mall tax to come. My prediction is that if two or more of the Hunter-Allen-Hardin Team are elected to the Board of Education, the central office North Main Street location is dead in the water, even if land swaps have been made. This will waste nearly a half million dollars already spent on plans. They will likely move it to the “Tea Party Mall” along with the Social Services and Health departments.

It is expected to cost a minimum of $15-$20 million to move the DSS and Health departments to the mall and an unknown amount regarding the school headquarters. This is much higher than the $10-15 million expense ex-County Manager Gary Page quoted the Post earlier this year. One million dollars roughly equals a one-cent property tax increase. This “shell game” does not create one single job for unemployed Rowan citizens.

Please vote for the incumbents on the Board of Education: Richard Miller, L.A. Overcash, Kay Norman and Jean Kennedy and for Jim Greene, Gene Miller and Raymond Coltrain for commissioner. While everyone has been distracted by Bible classes and gay student associations and gay marriage, these cool “conservative” men, (count Greg Edds and Chris Cohen among them if elected) are about to hit you with the largest property tax increase in Rowan County history.

— Todd Paris


A good guy

You learn a lot about somebody when you compete with them in sports. I’ve known James Randolph for over 10 years as a tennis friend. I’ve been on a court with James probably more than 200 different times. Tennis is a self-officiated sport. The players call their own lines, keep their own score, and call double bounces on themselves. Many times, I’ve seen men and women act in ways on a tennis court that would be embarrassing for NFL football players. Sports really do bring out the best and worst in people.

I can tell you these things about James when we have a match:

• He’s on time.

• He has never made a line call that’s been questioned by me or other players in the match.

• He does not rant when he hits a few bad shots.

• He’s complimentary when you hit a good shot.

• He never gives up.

• When the match is over, he always shakes your hand and thanks you for playing, regardless of the outcome.

This is not an election for a tennis player. This is a non-partisan election for district court judge. Rowan County needs somebody fair, equitable and respectful. It seems to me that those baseline requirements for a judge are violated when the election is based on party affiliation.

I can vouch that James meets all of those requirements in his personal life. When the important moments arrive, when the judge is making decisions that will affect other people for a long time, Rowan County citizens can feel confident that James Randolph will be fair and equitable — always respectful. He’s a really good tennis player, too.

— Jon Post


Discovering the man

When I read that Mr. Gene Miller was gathering signatures to run as an unaffiliated candidate in the Rowan County commission race, I reached out to him to see where he stood on the issues that concern us. When I learned he is not beholden to any current commissioner or fringe group, he definitely had my interest. Then, when I learned of his extensive background in the banking industry and his 28 years of experience in the operations of the school system, I knew he would be a perfect commissioner for Rowan County.

Aside from his professional background, I found Mr. Miller to be a very open, respectable, intelligent and humble man who sincerely wants what is best for Rowan County. We need Gene Miller to get us back on track!

— April Sherrill

Mount Ulla

Seek, fight, win

Next week, Rowan County has a chance to elect new leadership to determine our future. We are at a critical time as a county and I believe the timing is right for an aggressive strategy for recruiting business and industry to our county that we call home. Greg Edds is someone who I believe can be a part of determining, and implementing, a strategy to make Rowan County more competitive in the global marketplace.

Greg and I have known each other for about 10 years and I have always appreciated his respectful demeanor to all those around him. As a young person interested in getting involved in the political world, Greg always thoughtfully supported my interest in local politics, which I very much appreciated.

Greg not only projects a positive attitude and respect for others, but Greg understands that job creation and economic prosperity do not just happen simply because a business wants to be here. It has to be sought after, fought for, and won over for our citizens. We must not only compete with other areas of our state, but the entire southeastern U.S. and the rest of the nation. Rowan County has many assets to highlight from the south end of the county to the northern most section of the county. We must benefit from the transportation system that links our entire County to the eastern seaboard.

If elected, I look forward to working with Greg and the others elected to the commission to help not only Kannapolis, but the entire county in our ambition to make this an even greater place to call home.

— Ryan G. Dayvault


Who will be sheriff?

I would like for people of Rowan to vote for Thomas Jack Eller. I do think he would make a big difference. In the way things are done in our county. I do believe he would make a big difference. You see he came from a family who had to work hard for what they got. We didn’t get handouts — there were nine children in the family and our dad was the only one that worked. Our mother stayed at home and raised nine wonderful children. One of those was Thomas J. Eller. Now that he is a man of his word, I do believe he would help the poor, be fair and do what was right because of the way we were raised. So when you go to vote just remember a fair man Thomas J. (Jack) Eller for our new leader!

— Janie Bryant


A thousand doors

I have known Greg Edds for over a decade and I have met very few that work as hard as Greg.  Many years ago I was looking for a good insurance man and my family recommended Greg. I was living in Statesville at the time and didn’t think he would take the time to travel 40 miles and talk insurance. He did. He also bought my breakfast, gave me some good advice and I have been a customer of his ever since.   

This kind of attitude is what really makes me admire Greg. Just look at the effort he has put in for his campaign. He has put out more signs, called in experts for advice on bringing in manufacturing, really worked hard to plan for better schools, focused intently on reducing crime and knocked on over a thousand doors. Let me repeat this: knocked on over a thousand doors. I also like the fact he has done this on his own. He owes no favors to political groups helping others get elected.

I have read where Greg is too conservative and from others where Greg is not conservative enough. This is what makes me support him more. He is not working for anyone else other than the people of Rowan County.

He probably wouldn’t like me sharing this but I know of many times Greg has helped folks down on their luck. I know of organizations where he contributed financially, and many other charitable things he has done. He doesn’t want recognition for his compassion. He just does good things for people because he is a great guy.

— Nathan Chambers


Highest scores

First, let me congratulate both Ted Blanton and James Randolph for not spending more than $100 million on their campaign for District Court judge. For the undecided voters I offer the following facts. 

James Randolph had the highest scores on the judicial performance evaluation administered by the North Carolina Bar Association. In addition, attorney Randolph is endorsed locally by longtime District Attorney Bill Kenerly, the Honorable John L. Holshouser and attorney Cecil Whitley, a legal legend. 

These accolades only complement his donated time and talents to Rowan Helping Ministries, the United Way, his church and other volunteer organizations.

With the above facts and my long time exposure to attorney Randolph, I am confident he will preside over courtroom cases with honesty, fairness and integrity. I can also assure every mother and father in Rowan County that James Randolph would never disgrace your daughter by having her confined to a dog pen as the Salisbury Post reported was done by Ted Blanton when he was previously behind the bench.

Knowing the above I hope you will join me in voting for James Randolph   

— Frank Eason


Pick up the torch, vote

Women have had the right to vote less than 100 years. You know what they say; if you don’t use it, you lose it.

As Erma Bombeck said, “We’ve got a generation now who were born into semi-equality. They don’t know how it was before, so they think, this isn’t too bad. We’re working. …I get very disgusted with the younger generation of women. We had a torch to pass and they are just sitting there. They don’t realize it can be taken away. Things are going to have to get worse before they join in fighting the battle.”

There is a political group — read: Republicans — who seek to pull women back into the 19th century. They oppose a paycheck fairness law and dismiss the wage gap as inconsequential. They want to interfere in women’s health and then complain the government is too intrusive. They erode women’s reproductive rights and sell it under the guise of health safety. Only a woman should have right to say what she wants to do to her body. It is time to care for those who are already here. They want to dictate who you can or cannot love.

They talk of wanting to bring jobs here, yet where will the educated, skilled workforce come from if education spending cuts continue?

The statewide representative of this giant leap back for women is Thom Tillis. In addition to the aforementioned items, Mr. Tillis does not support raising the minimum wage or extending unemployment benefits beyond 26 weeks. He does not support Planned Parenthood receiving public funds for cancer screenings and birth control. He also opposes increasing taxes on corporations and high-income individuals to pay for public services.

Do not take your right to vote for granted. Vote for yourself, your daughter, your granddaughter, your sister, but vote!

— Victoria Goga


Vote yes, Cabarrus, on RCCC bonds

As chair of your community college board of trustees, I am excited about the Cabarrus Community College Bond Referendum and want you to know that Rowan-Cabarrus Community College became the first multi-campus community college in the State of North Carolina in 1991. Today, this college still serves both counties, with almost 22,000 students enrolling annually. About half of those students are in Rowan County and half of those students are in Cabarrus County – it is very much a joint college.

That’s why, even as a Rowan County resident and voter, I fully support the College’s bond referendum and realize how important it is on the Cabarrus County ballot on Nov. 4.

Cabarrus County voters will consider the “Cabarrus County Community College Bond” for an Advanced Technology Center, a key ingredient in the recipe for success in our region. With the announcement of Alevo’s new high-tech jobs coming to Cabarrus County at the former Phillip Morris plant, it is more important than ever that we have the ability to train the workforce for new and emerging jobs. It will provide a much needed resource to educate people for the high tech jobs. I see this as a huge positive for our community which will result in those higher paying, high technology jobs coming to our area.

In addition to the Cabarrus County Commission bringing forth a $9 million bond initiative to the citizens of Cabarrus County for the construction of an Advanced Technology Center, they have indicated their willingness to support an additional $2 million in cash. This would represent a total of $11 million, a majority of funding for the 60,000 square foot classroom and lab building.

I hope you will spread the word to your Cabarrus County friends and family about the need for the Advanced Technology Center. These high-tech jobs are coming to our area, and Rowan-Cabarrus Community College needs to be ready to train our workforce for them.

— Carl M. Short


Carl M. Short is chair of the Rowan-Cabarrus Community College Board of Trustees.

Make a difference

Do you want to be able to do something to help control the Ebola outbreak here in our country and to be prepared to fight the ISIS militia that is seeking to destroy anyone who does not submit to their ‘religion’? You need to exercise your freedom and obligation as an American citizen to vote in Tuesday’s election.

Don’t go in blindly; you need to research what each candidate believes, and where they stand Biblically and constitutionally. Look at their records, and put in the candidates who would best serve and protect our citizens in our community and nation. And we need to pray that a holy, righteous God would be merciful to our nation. Abraham prayed that God would spare Sodom and Gomorrah if there were 10 righteous people there. There were not, as we know, but God, in His mercy, did spare Lot and his daughters.

“If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and heal their land.” 2 Chronicles 7:14

— Rebecca Vanderford


Think for tomorrow

Having been a  member of the Rowan-Salisbury School Board for four years, I have seen too many run for the  position with their own agendas from a vantage of truly misunderstanding the boundaries by law of the job.

Phil Hardin, the school  system’s point person on  technology while I was on the board, helped lead our school system into the technology era for students and teachers as well as the board. In line with his vision of where we should go and how to prepare students for a tomorrow, which is in many ways so different from today; requires a board member who understands the fast-paced world of technology, its high turnover rate and its need for different educational dynamics, considering disruptive technology as we prepare students to think for tomorrow while existing today.

I voted for Phil Hardin for the Board of Education for his vision for technology in our system is not disruptive but supportive and complements where we most  likely need to be in the future.

My good friend, L.A. Overcash, who served with me on the school board, has integrity as well as my respect. I trusted and still trust  him implicitly. He put in the time, reached out to students and their parents across the county, challenging them to be engaged and work with the school system in resolving personal and community issues.  He read every document put before us and was prepared to take on anyone and most  things which weren’t fair or adversely affected students.  I voted for  Mr. Overcash in this election for the Board of Education.

— Dr. Ada M.Fisher


New direction

Government is complicated. In fact, too complicated. To change the course of government we need leaders with a vision for a new direction. This is obvious with Rowan County government.

Serving as an elected official is tough, sometimes thankless work. A candidate knows this when they file for office.

Our citizens live in our communities. We need leaders who will conduct the citizens’ business outside the confines of closed doors in an administrative building, and back in our communities. Far too often the wishes of Rowan County citizens are ignored by those we elected to serve us.

It’s time for a new direction for Rowan County government. This will require a new majority that is void of outside influence.

Your votes for County Commissioner will provide a new direction and a new majority. If you desire elected officials who understand it’s about our future and not themselves, then your vote can change the direction of Rowan County government.

New Direction – New Majority. I encourage you to vote for Raymond Coltrain, Jim Greene, and Gene Miller for county commissioner.

— Jon Barber

Mount Ulla

Rowan Alliance?

Would someone please tell us who these people are in the Rowan Alliance?

I don’t know what Jim Sides has done or not done or Travis Allen and Phil Hardin. But I do know Dean Hunter and what he stands for. These guys are hardly Jim Sides’ puppets.

The real puppets are the ones putting that ad in this paper every day and wasting good money. Of course, that is just like this kind of crowd.

The people that are saying these guys are bad for our kids and school system are the ones who are bad for them. What can Rowan Alliance teach them?

In the words of Forrest Gump, “Stupid is as stupid does.” Grow up, whoever “is” Rowan Alliance.

Thank you, and I approve this message.

— Mike Callahan

China Grove

Tough but fair judge

I have known Judge John Tyson since we were high school classmates. John exhibited qualities of honor and fairness then, and he still does today. Having served eight years on the North Carolina Court of Appeals, Judge Tyson is well aware of the need for appropriate judicial restraint in protecting the rights of citizens of our state and preserving our constitution.

If Judge Tyson had wanted to make laws, he would have run for the legislature, not legislate from the bench as some judges have done. His record of being tough but fair and his service as past chair of the N.C. State Ethics Commission make him the best choice in a crowd of 19 names on the ballot for one of the seats on the N.C. Court of Appeals. Please vote for my friend, Judge John Tyson.

— Wade Fowler



Last year, about 20 percent of U.S. representatives conspired to assault our government by refusing to pass any budget that could be accepted by their colleagues and the Senate.

The U.S. Constitution requires that all spending bills originate in the House, and all of those representatives who refused to pass the required bill had previously sworn to uphold the Constitution. A couple of these oath-breakers are from North Carolina and are now seeking re-election.

In my opinion, those who disrespect the Constitution and dishonor their oath of office are unfit to hold any public office, elected or appointed.

— Rufus Getzen


Kochs’ senator

I want to remind all of the former KoSa employees in our area that money now being spent by the Koch brothers to elect Thom Tillis to the Senate is money that should have been paid for your retiree medical benefits. You can be sure that a candidate owned by the Koch brothers will not represent you in the Senate.

You may not agree with all of her positions but you can be sure that Kay Hagan will be a senator that will represent your interest and not the interest of billionaires.

— Bob Campbell


New leadership

Let’s put new leadership in office. What we have now is not working. I think most would agree, new leadership could not hurt. I am so tired of negative campaigning. All I ask is to consider new candidates for offices in Rowan County.

— Kathy Taylor


Brings much to table

I have had the privilege of getting to know Judy Klusman over the past five months on a personal level and politically as her campaign media coordinator. As a candidate for our Rowan County Commission, Judy brings much to the table.

As a former Wisconsin state legislator for 12 years, she knows how government works and how to get things accomplished. Judy brings a unique skill set to bear having been raised on a family dairy farm and also having run that farm for many years. This allows her to be intimately familiar with the concerns of the agricultural community and also the small business community. As a semiretired Lutheran Pastor, Judy has worked extensively with many of our county Non-profits and charities and has a great concern over the homelessness and poverty that exist throughout Rowan.

Judy is a person of great integrity and she knows that the most important thing that she can do is to listen carefully. She promises to listen to all concerns no matter where you live or what your party affiliation, and make the best decisions that she can for the future of all Rowan. Cast your vote for Judy Kusman for Rowan County Commissioner on November 4th. You won’t regret it!

— Rose Jones


Here’s why not

Reasons to not vote for Greg Edds:

He violated the Rowan Chamber of Commerce’s rules by handing out campaign materials at a meeting, after being chair of that organization.

He violated elections laws by mailing a flier without the language required by law (Paid for by…), after having been chair of the Rowan GOP. He violated local laws by posting campaign signs in state right-of-way and on state-owned property labeled “no trespassing,” again, after having been chair of the Rowan GOP, where he would have been very familiar with these rules.

This is the same kind of blatant disregard and lack of attention to details that lead the current commissioners to buy a mall with no plan, then attempt to begin construction with no grasp on the zoning required.

Rowan County needs leaders who grasp why the attention to these kind of details is important. This is why I have already voted for Jim Greene, Raymond Coltrain and Gene Miller and encourage everyone else to do so as well!

— Roy Bentley


Genuine heart

I have known Greg Edds for 21 years and during this time it has become very clear that his passions for the community reflect his genuine heart. I am proud to stand by and watch him handle the stress of this election not only with joy, but also with compassion and understanding.

He is always willing to step aside and gain new perspectives, all the while holding fast to his morals and beliefs. Never have I known a more loving man who inspires those around him to come together for the sake of the community, no matter their political party.

From Greg I have seen what true respect looks like and have learned how to treat people with the utmost kindness. But Greg Edds is not just a man who has inspired me. More than that, he is my provider and my protector. He brings me joy and wipes my tears. He is my daddy and my best friend. I’m so proud of the man he is and the leader he is proving to be. He has never responded to the negativity and criticism with harshness, but turns the other cheek instead. What a joy it has been to see Daddy put into practice what he has always taught us.

— Lauren Elizabeth Edds


Proud of Dad

To say that I’m proud to call Greg Edds my dad is the understatement of the century. Never have I met a more hardworking, intelligent, passionate and selfless man.

For as long as I can remember, my dad has been involved in multiple community clubs, boards, and committees, while also being active in our church and owning  a successful State Farm agency. More importantly, he never placed family priorities on the back burner; he’s first and foremost an amazing husband and dad.

My dad has an immensely caring heart for people, and it’s most prominently displayed through his role as an insurance agent. It fills my heart and brings me to tears to recall some of his actions in the community — from being first on the scene to hug and support a homeowner whose house was burning to the ground, to running out in the road in the pouring rain to help an elderly man who’d fallen out of his wheelchair. My dad is a hero to our family.

My dad couldn’t have chosen a better campaign slogan to match his purpose in running for County Commissioner: Positive Leadership. It’s evident that my dad sincerely wants to lead our county in a new, positive direction with a clear, solid plan to make Rowan County a prosperous community!

— Taylor Edds

My Grandpa

My Grandpa could be the next sheriff if you all go out and vote for him. His name is Jack Eller.

I love you, Grandpa.

— Chloeigh Phillips




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