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This is sad to me, considering there are so many people drawing unemployment or just plain not working. What in the world?
— Talitha Lowman

As a human resources professional, I am really shocked at the high percentage of drug failures!! 15 percent is pretty high!
— Rance Lockhart

I have been with Freightliner for 16 years. I understand why some people do not want to give up a job they have to take the chance at Freightliner. … Years ago I had a manager to tell me he had been laid off eight times, but that is the way this business is. When it’s good, it’s really good, and when it’s bad, it’s really bad. My husband and I have been through four layoffs during this time but we keep coming back because there was nothing else out there for us. This is a golden opportunity for young people to get established in the workplace.
— Debra Koonts

You also have to take a three-hour test on the computer. That hurts alot of people also, by failing that test.
— Nicole Rice

A lot of people won’t apply there because they have a long history of layoffs.
— James Lovingood Sr.

There are some in the county that would love to have this job, but because of background checks, they do not qualify. There a lot of good people looking for a second chance.
— John Breedlove

They may have to pay an uncertainty premium. Or, they may not be advertising in the right places. Or they may have a screening process that is taking out too many qualified applicants. Maybe transportation is an issue. Or maybe, and this is a scary notion, Rowan County has been lacking in opportunities for so long that many of the higher-quality candidates have taken jobs and/or left for the surrounding counties.
— Luke Hamaty

If they offered the new hires and the people currently working here a certain build rate and job security and had it in writing, you would have people lining up at the door waiting to get in this place.
— Justin Lengerich

Sad situation there are a lot out there that are not willing to give what it takes to work at Freightliner. The work can be very physical and demanding. I am an employee of almost 17 years, been through two layoffs myself. But even though I found other work while being laid off, the pay was not comparable. Not one day went by that I didn’t pray to have my job back. I thank God every day for the blessing. But some nowadays expect something for nothing. That just will not cut it at Freightliner. We do earn our pay. Anyone considering applying needs to get their mind right and be prepared to give 110 percent every day.
— Craig Poole

The summit was great. Seeing so many people from the community come together for a common goal was great! Now, time to implement change, and get things going! The future is now, Rowan!
— Jeremy Gardner

“It’s a community issue,” according to Moody. I am glad to see that someone realizes that our school system is a reflection of the community. I hope we can do something about the 25 percent child poverty rate. The rate means that too many of our children do not have food security that leads to bad nutrition for developing brains and bodies. Therefore, I am pleased that the homework centers will offer some type of nourishment.
— Reginald Brown

Reginald, the schools are also very in tune with mathematics and the community can engage there as well. I applaud Food Lion for their special “math night programs.”
Other businesses and community groups could do the same type of thing — in conjunction with the homework centers perhaps? (Note to parents reading this — borrow or buy Greg Tang books for your kids. They are picture books with a math emphasis.)
— Karen Puckett

What a wonderful tribute for someone who just gave it plain ol’ hard work. Something we’re losing in this day and age but need to get back to. I’ve always admired Ms. Martin and wish her well in her “retirement.” Now I wonder what she’ll do with her time and who will be blessed next. Congratulations!
— Debby Harwell

Phyllis Martin is a dedicated, no nonsense, hard working individual. I have been lucky enough to also call her my friend. Most people less than half her age couldn’t keep up with her — and think of the lives she has changed.
— Sue Brady
At $7 dollars to get in, $4 for a hot dog and $25 to ride the rides, if they didn’t make a profit shame on them .
— Jerry King

Have you ever been to Cabarrus Arena? If Rowan County/Rowan County Fair Association would invest in a newer fairgrounds and possible location, imagine the possibilities — a year-round event center. “Jim Graham’s Arena” at the Rowan County Agricultural and Industrial Fair. A place to have high school graduations, Rowan-Cabarrus Community College graduation and homecomings, keeping the money here. Smoke Out-type events, BBQ festivals, boat shows, concerts, tractor pulls, smash up derbies, etc. Rowan County needs to stop being second rate and have some nicer things for its citizens. A newer fairgrounds would be a great start.
— Mark Lyerly

For the same $7 admission tag, we can go to the State Fair in Raleigh with an infinitely more number of rides, vendors, entertainment. Hope this changes in the future!
— Sean Fox

Many thanks to all volunteers who dedicate their time to continue an annual Agriculture Fair. When you see any of these volunteers, please shake their hand and say “Thank you!” Volunteers can be identified by the sweat on their forehead!
— Jon Barber

Wouldn’t it be wise to wait for the mall to be zoned for governmental use before making such a decision? I seem to recall Craig Pierce admonishing a man in Spencer for going forward with a home for veterans before getting the proper zoning. The county should follow its own advice.
— Bill Cameron

Yes, wait until the new Board of Commissioners is seated. To me it is the only prudent thing to do.
— John Blair

Congratulations! I wish legislators in closed states would read this and work to open Original Birth Certificates to their rightful owners…..we adoptees. Knowing is so much better for one’s mental health than forever wondering.
— Laura Schwartz

This is so special! … I am so glad that he finally feels complete and that all has worked out so great. God bless!
— Jennifer Middleton-Pauley


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