Letters to the editor – Sunday (9-28-14)

Published 12:00 am Sunday, September 28, 2014

Who is prospering in North Carolina?
An observation on two articles in the Post on Sept. 16:
On the Opinion page there is an article titled “Workers gain from freedoms” (by John Hood of the John Locke Foundation). It appears to be a scholarly work, researched and full of references to this and that institution, scholar and think tank. Very erudite. There is even a reference to 18th century philosopher Adam Smith, supposedly responsible for the founding of the “concept of modern economics.” The premise seems to be that lower taxes make us free and that even the poor will benefit.
That seems to be a common theme with conservatives.
Article No. 2 was on page 5A on the same day. Titled “NC among states most affected by gap between rich and poor” (from the Associated Press), it is a reality check about what is happening with the continued cutting of taxes. The shortfall of revenues due to the most recent tax cuts are likely to become worse. The poor will continue to become poorer and the rich will become richer. Necessary services will become worse, education will fall further behind and debt will grow.
What should be apparent is that the opinion is not really research that is supposed to discover things to move forward. Instead it is propaganda where the author selected materials to protect his premise under the guise of academic rigor. When such a premise meets reality and becomes obviously wrong, it should warn all of us that we need to be aware that there are many think tanks and pundits who are sponsored by big money for their continued gain. Some are even ready to buy the government if they get a chance. Take a few minutes to research some of these think tanks and sources and you will find some very familiar names who have invested big money in these propaganda mills.
— Don Tracy

‘Give Me Ten’
Last year, Rowan County United Way and Rowan Rotary Club recognized over 265 individuals and student groups who gave of themselves to help others in our community. That represents over 48,000 hours of volunteer service by over 1,800 students! Wow!
We again need your nominations so we can recognize students for their community service this year in the Service Above Self Awards program. So I am asking you to go online or grab a nomination form and “Give Me Ten” — 10 minutes of your time to help us recognize a young person or group.
There are many school-age individuals and groups in Rowan County who volunteer to help others without compensation. Young people ranging in age from 5 to 15 years old are eligible for nomination and they will be recognized in a special awards ceremony at Keppel Auditorium on Dec. 11. They may even win a prize to further benefit their volunteer work.
The deadline for nominations is Friday, Nov. 14. A panel of judges will choose three winners from the following categories: Individuals and groups in K-5, Middle School and High School. All nominees will be recognized with a certificate of appreciation for their Service Above Self.
Go to our website at www.rowanserviceaboveself.com or get a paper nomination form by calling the Rowan County United Way at 704-633-1802 and give us 10 minutes of your time to complete the nomination form. Help prepare our young people for a life of helping others. I challenge you to recognize our great youth in Rowan County.
“Give Me Ten!” and then encourage your family, friends, fellow co-workers, and church members to nominate a child or group today. Thanks for making a difference!
— Dr. Jerry Chandler
Chandler is chairman of Rowan Service Above Self.
What’s problem?
Why can’t Obama call the terrorists what they are? Does he think most people in the world are stupid enough to think he is labeling all Muslims or people of the Islamic faith as terrorists? Could you imagine an alert bulletin coming across your television warning of a criminal in your area that was armed and very dangerous? Then go on to say that they couldn’t tell you whether this criminal was a man or woman, white, black, Hispanic, Asian or Middle Eastern because you might think they were labeling a gender or ethnic group as bad. Mr. Obama, give the people of the world a little credit.
— Danny Benfield
China Grove

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