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He committed a federal crime, and I don’t understand how he can again have any oversight for any federal programs that are paid for by our taxes.
— Ken Beck

Please, people, read, study and learn the rules and laws of the land before you start complaining about people who are willing to serve people in an honest capacity.
— Jill Tindal

Congratulations, Mr. Fox! Continue to do great things! People are so quick to judge. Continue being a blessing to others! I support you 100 percent!
— Florence Warren

Are we not a culture that lauds holding to a Christian ethic of love and forgiveness? Whatever happened to the second-chance God some of you all have been touting about? Everyone deserves grace and second chance.
And our community would be remiss if it held this dear qualified brother to a past that has been dealt with. Let’s live up to the creeds and beliefs we so often eloquently hold to.
— Chris Sifford

My cat has been missing since July 28th and I fear this is what happened to her!!
— Joan Dobson

I appreciate Mark Wineka meeting with me and letting me and my husband share our tragic story. We loved Snowball so much in a way that only other “Cat People” could understand.
— Rebecca Pressley

If you didn’t know Don personally by the end of the memorial you felt like he was a dear friend!! I only met Don once but I rode to honor a great man!
— Michael Delaney

Ride on, Don; clear the road for the rest of us. We love you and will miss you.
— Mary Lilley

Another option would be to build a three-story building (one floor per grade) on the front lawn of the existing Knox campus. …Upgrade the existing auditorium and library. The gym is in fairly good shape (recently renovated) and the older buildings could be retrofitted over several years for learning laboratories, technology centers and a first-class meeting space and training center for the faculty.
Save the expense of building new outdoor athletic facilities by sprucing up the current football stadium and baseball field. Strengthen the connections to the Catawba Ecological Preserve and Horizons Unlimited. Finally, hire a local architectural firm that understands our community and the basics of urban design, thereby keeping the funds used for the design work within the local economy.
— Joe Morris

This is wonderful news! When I was a young girl Mr. Bernhardt would let my family and I go upstairs and look at the Salisbury Christmas Parade. I have good memories of this store. My father, Willie Granford Jr., was a customer for all the years he had his business in downtown Salisbury.
— Grace Smith

Why do we have so many who fight against paying those who do the work that produces the goods and services but see nothing wrong with managers and owners pocketing way more than their fair share of the profit?
— Cathy Mahaffey

Define “fair share,” please. Who gets to determine how much a “fair share” is?
— Mark Wetmore

There should also be a maximum wage level as well. The upper classes have wealth based upon cheap labor that’s disproportionate to current market. This veiled ideological assault on the poor is getting old. Conservatives need a new narrative.
— Anthony Smith

Can’t afford to pay teachers, nor can they build a No Kill Shelter, but they can build needless extravagant buildings like this.
— Brian W. Bryant

Where are the textbooks in the schools? Won’t use money to buy royalties to download books into computers, etc.
— Frances Shepherd

Where are all of them going to park?
— Pat Squires

This is not meant as a criticism, but merely as a question: How much money does the dome construction add to the total cost versus not putting the dome on the building?
— Charlotte Cherry

Move the school offices to the mall and make good use of a $10-per-square-foot building.
And a thought about the so-called Planning Board. You can approve this building and this location but you refuse to approve a new Zaxby’s on Jake Alexander Boulevard due to needing a rezoning? …
Until the city and county governments and their respective boards get their acts together and quit fussing, nit-picking and playing flat out nepotism will this town ever be able to dig themselves out of the dark ages and stop being the laughing stock of the region.
— Mark Hall

I predict the goats will find Jimmy Hoffa.
— Ron Turbyfill

They may find more than Jimmy Hoffa there. LOL
— James Lambert

Wonderful project!
— Louise OBrien

Great idea.
— Lani Temple


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