With new leadership, growing pride, North Rowan High School is on the rise

Published 12:00 am Thursday, September 4, 2014

This year, North Rowan High School welcomed a new Cavalier — Principal Fataema Fulmore.
New leadership brings changes, which comes at exactly the right time. North Rowan has been an easy target for slander and defamation since it opened in 1958.
“She has brought a new energy to North Rowan that is desperately needed. She believes in our students, she believes in our staff, and she is willing to go the extra mile to ensure our success,” said history teacher Robert Johnsen.
“Based on the tone set during the first week of school, I know that North is striving for excellence this year, and we have the potential to achieve it,” he added.
“I want North Rowan High School to be a school where every child can thrive and deliver their best work in an educational environment that is safe, supportive, engaging and centered on student learning,” Fulmore said. “I want every child at North Rowan to receive a world-class education that is rigorous, personalized, enriched in 21st century skills, and that prepares them to be globally competitive.”
Student Body President and senior Caroline Billingsley said, “North Rowan has already put into place a stricter tardy/absentee policy and discipline policy. The tardy/absentee policy will help raise test scores and grades. Students being present in school allows them the full learning opportunities presented by their class time.”
“We have established a Drop Out Prevention Team, a leadership team for Data, Digital Conversion and Literacy, and a Student Support & Services team. In addition, I will have a Principal Leadership Team where I will work closely with our student leaders. We are also restructuring our Professional Learning Communities so that we can improve the quality of teaching and learning for all students,” Fulmore said.
Senior Chyenne Salony said that she hopes the leadership change will inspire more students to become involved in extra-curricular activities.
“I participate in JROTC, which makes a huge impact on the school and surrounding community by pulling weeds, planting flowers and directing traffic at events. I want more students to be interested in helping make the school a better place,” she said.
North Rowan is home to multiple service clubs, a technology club, and performance groups, including one of the county’s two Gay-Straight Alliances.
North Rowan also has a very successful track record in sports.
“The amount of community support is amazing. The numbers in our band are rising and so are the amount of people showing up for Friday night football,” Coach Joe Nixon said. “It is important to have support for our athletes. Ms. Fulmore has done a spectacular job getting the community involved.”
“Last year, over one-third of the students were on the honor roll,” Booster Club President JeJe Thurston said.
“Stop judging North by gossip and hearsay. Stop by, spend time, get involved and you will quickly discover that North has some really great teachers, and hundreds of amazingly smart and talented students, who are caring, helpful and respectful,” she said.
“Improving the troubled areas of North Rowan is not an overnight process or a one-woman show; this process requires the collective work of every school, family and community member invested in the success of the school,” Fulmore said.
“Together we must promote the positive and speak positively about our school and our students. One day at a time people will see a positive difference and hopefully they will talk about that,” she added.
As a senior at North Rowan, I am very excited to see my school flourish. After attending our class meeting last week and speaking with Ms. Fulmore, it is clear that she has huge plans to help the students excel.
Personally, I would not choose to attend any other school. I am honored to be a part of such a rich culture with increasingly visible school spirit.

Megan Braun is a North Rowan High School senior and a Salisbury Post intern.