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This is what happens now when the county manager and the county commissioners (with the sole exception of Jon Barber) thumb their noses at the citizens of Rowan County. We refuse to finance your personal, petty vendettas against Downtown Salisbury. Viva La Resistance!
— April Eddinger Sherrill

It is amazing that the LGC would announce they are going to recommend a denial before they have held the meeting.
— Lee Jones

The county paid $10.70 per square foot for a relatively new commercial building. That is dirt cheap next to at least $100 per square foot for new commercial construction. I can’t see how anyone could get comparable space for less. … Quit the political squabbling and stalling and let the county put the mall to good use.
— Brian Cleveland

Brian, you’re right about getting a great deal…. But only IF the county were going to use all 320,000 sq. ft. effectively, but it’s not. If the county fails to fill it — and they will — it becomes a $3.5 million sink-hole with ongoing maintenance costs that far outstrip the intended uses.
— Bill Bucher

Finally! Will someone give me a green flag — Forward Rowan!
— Glenda Kearns

[W]e have a solution in search of a problem. Government facilities should be constructed or purchased based on public requirements and resources. This is like driving a screw into a piece of lumber with a hammer.
— Reginald Brown

It appears from yesterday’s meeting that the truth of the situation is finally being told by individuals who have not had a script written for them.
— Lee Jones

Fibrant does not seem to compete with the other providers. They should have matching products. I get Internet access for $14.99 a month from TWC and that is not a bundled or promotional price and it meets my needs. I cannot get that from Fibrant.
— Douglas Jacobs

The $45 Fibrant basic internet access option blows TWC’s main option out of the water, but at the moment Fibrant does not seem to be competing with TWC’s “lite” option. It may not be profitable enough to install the equipment at that price point, though…
— Roy Bentley

To my knowledge, only two cities in the state have the ability to even sell Internet, so while we are at the starting block leaving the gates, other cities in N.C. have to put it up to a citizen vote before it can be approved, before funding can be raised, before laying the lines can start, before customers can start paying for a real Internet service… i.e. not something measured in Kbps.
— Geof Bootz Wilson

— Al Conklin

Shavonne Potts, I always read your articles and tweets because you’re a good reporter. You have to have a thick skin and ignore those complaining when you have a job like a journalist, meteorologist, law enforcement officer or judge. Those of us who appreciate the jobs you folks do far outnumber those that complain.
— Shannon Moss

For good or bad, the days of the large “mom and pop” hotels are over. It is all big chains and franchises anymore. I hope that this does have a positive outcome, but I am not holding my breath.
— Eric Shock

Please tell me the Rowan County Commissioners aren’t going to try to buy it!
— Deborah Lynn Andrews Krueger

The only way we could possibly know that is if people have come out and admitted, “Oh, I would have killed so-and-so, but because it was illegal for me to buy a hand-gun, so-and-so is still alive. After all, I’m really just another law-abiding citizen…”
— Steve Pender

The premise is similar to “thousands of people have Agrammatical Dyslexiconic Inarticulitis and don’t even know it.” There’s no way of knowing.
— Bruce LaRue

James Brady, Thank you for your tireless effort for the American people. Thank you for all the times you could have easily given up. Your effort to build a stronger safer America will never be forgotten. We appreciate your sacrifice and service. You will be missed.
— Sally League

I doubt any amount of apology would reconcile me to being carted off in handcuffs, when I have cooperated and have shown documents clearly indicating a variance with the license plate, and when the woman apparently put up no resistance.
— Stephen Owen

What ever happen to innocent until proven guilty …?
— Laurie Smith

Please don’t take a very important piece of information and use it to bash the police. Yes, they made a mistake. But they are human, and have a job that I certainly don’t want. If your car was the one that was stolen, you would want them to do everything within their power to recover it.
— Randy Overcash

Anyone ever hear the expression better safe than sorry? The vehicle was not showing the correct plate, and the police were doing what they were trained to do — not find the lady guilty, but get the facts, and let the department sort it out.
— Ken Beck

Again with the student performance? If student performance success or failure was 100 percent exclusively on the teacher, it might make sense. But there are too many other factors; administration, parental involvement and community support.
— Mike Shue

I visited last week a retail/residential area off Williamson Road in Mooresville. It was all very busy and vibrant, lots of people walking from store to store and in and out of restaurants. Birkdale Village in Huntersville is very much like this, with townhouses and apartments comingled with retail. Sort of like — yes — a small town! It makes me wonder why there appears to be so little interest in real small town/downtown living?
— Ron Turbyfill

Doubt it has much to do with other stores closing. Bookstores have been closing countrywide for the last three years.
— Chuck Freeze

I love a good sale. Books on sale, yes!
— Grace Smith


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