West Rowan All-County Scholars

Published 12:00 am Friday, June 6, 2014

of Salisbury
Daughter of Rod and Diana Rayl.
Clubs and sports: Swimming, Junior Classical League, National Honor Society.
Extracurricular or honors: Junior marshal, honors student.
Advice to freshmen: “It is never too early to start thinking about college. Don’t over-stress yourself, but don’t slack off, either; just do you.”
Favorite high school memory: Winning the state Junior Classical League competition my senior year.
Proudest high school memory: Leading my swim team to regionals.
If I had $10 million: I would pay for all of my future college endeavors and travel the world.
of Salisbury
Daughter of Wah Cheng and Lan Truong.
Clubs and sports: Junior Classical League, National Honor Society, hacky-sack club, tennis, band.
Other extracurricular activities or honors: Jazz band, concert band, honor band clinics.
Advice to freshmen: “Trust yourself and make your own decisions; don’t fall under pressure, and it is never too late to join band.”
Favorite high school memory: Band concerts.
Proudest high school moment: solos during band concerts.
If I had $10 million: I would build a fine arts building for the West Rowan High School band and chorus where future students will have an appropriate environment to appreciate music, along with donating the rest towards music education advocacy movements.
of Salisbury
Daughter of Duoc Le and Trang Le.
Clubs and sports: Junior Classical League, National Honor Society.
Other extracurricular activities or honors: 2014 prom committee, tutoring younger students, general volunteer work.
Advice to freshman: “Yay, you have now leveled up to ‘High School Freshie!’ Just kidding, I know it may be new and scary being at the bottom of the chain again, but with the right decisions, you’ll be at very top in no time! Just because you’re ‘only’ a freshman does not mean you slack off. Always take a challenge and work hard, but don’t overburden yourself — find a balance! Yes, that also means you might not be in a class with your best friends. And don’t procrastinate. Start making it a habit to have an organized schedule for homework; you’ll thank yourself for it! With all that said, just remember to have fun! The next four years will come and go very, very quickly.”
Favorite high school memory: My best friends and I went on a field trip and got lost in the mall for about a good half hour. It may not sound like a ‘favorite’ memory to others, but it was actually pretty funny. You just had to be there.
Proudest high school moment: It would be either finding out that I was valedictorian for the first time or recently winning the math and science award at my school’s ceremony.
If I had $10 million: I would save and invest some of it (shoutout to Ms. Funderburke’s personal finance class), and I would become the personal Oprah to my friends and family. (You get a car! You get a car, and you get a car!)
of Salisbury
Daughter of Bruce and Danette Stolsworth.
Clubs or sports: Relay for life, National Honor Society, student council and FFA.
Activities: horseback riding and YoungLife.
Advice to freshman: “Work hard and don’t wish this time away it’ll be over before you know it.”
Favorite high school memory: Last round of the playoffs for football against Hibriten High School my freshman year.
Proudest high school moment: Being accepted to all the colleges I applied to.
If I had $10 million dollars: I would pay for mine and my brother’s college tuition, donate to Relay for Life and put the rest in savings.