East Rowan High School

Published 12:00 am Friday, June 6, 2014

of Salisbury
Daughter of Dr. David Agner and Sally Agner.
Clubs and sports: tennis, student council, National Honor Society, Junior Civitan and Sigma Phi Gamma.
Other extra curricular activities: Playing the piano, church, and summer mission trips.
Advice to freshman: “Never change who you are for other people.”
Favorite high school memory: Interacting with Mr. Sparger, my former principal, and seeing his encouraging smile every morning.
Proudest high school moment: Winning a doubles match with my partner Lauren Thomas to bring our team to the second round of State Playoffs.
If I had $10 million: I would travel to every continent to experience new people and cultures.
of Salisbury
Son of Roberto and Ana Pereira.
Clubs and sports: Junior Civitan, National Honors Society, weightlifting, cross country, track and field.
Other extracurricular activities or honors: honors chorus, Broadway Revue, Presidential Scholars Award.
Advice to freshmen: “Don’t ever feel satisfied with yourself; always fuel your ambitions.”
Favorite high school memory: Senior year “Broadway Revue.”
Proudest high school moment: Receiving acceptance into the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.
If I had $10 million: I would visit every country I possibly could.
of Salisbury
Son of Kendal and Lynn Rogers.
Clubs or sports: Tennis, student council, National Honor Society, cross country, Junior Civitan.
Other extracurricular activities or honors: Eagle Scout, Goodnight Scholar at North Carolina State University, North Carolina Association of Student Councils Hall of Fame.
Advice to freshman: “Work diligently, manage your time, but above all, have fun.”
Favorite high school memory: Senior prom.
Proudest high school moment: Eagle Scout.
If I had $10 million: I would give to the community, my church and invest the rest wisely.
of Salisbury
Daughter of Ken Weaver and Lori Weaver.
Clubs and sports: Women’s tennis, Junior Civitan, National Honor Society, Sigma Phi Gamma and Spanish Club.
Other favorite extracurricular activities or honors: Advanced Placement Scholar with Distinction, spending time with my family and friends, waterskiing and other water sports and activities.
Advice to freshmen: “Enjoy your high school career. The four years within high school may drag on at times, but in the grand scheme of things, they go by extremely quickly. Find a good balance between ‘play time’ and ‘study time’ in order to enjoy your four years and also succeed academically.
Favorite high school memory: Beating Hibriten High School in the first round of the tennis team state tournament with a score of 5-4.
Proudest high school moment: Being named Women’s Tennis Conference Player of the Year three years in a row.
If I had $10 million: I would buy a mansion and save the rest for my children and their educational endeavors.