Quotes of the week

Published 12:00 am Thursday, May 8, 2014

“If we were doing this for ourselves, it would have never happened. But we are doing God’s work.”
— Chris Bradshaw,
Shelter Ministries board chair,
at dedication of Rowan Helping Ministries building

“There are five Christian men on that board that are exercising their right to pray the way they want to. We don’t force anybody to do anything.”
— Craig Pierce, vice chairman,
Rowan County commission,
on government prayer

“Satanic forces hate for our commissioners to pray in Jesus’ name at the beginning of their meetings. Satanic forces hate to read Bible verses on a van or anywhere else.”
— Larry Wright, member,
Rowan County Planning Board,
during public comment portion of county commission meeting

“I think the taxpayers of this county didn’t get out and vote. I think a certain crowd did get out and vote, and they changed the face of politics in Rowan County.”
— Jim Sides, chairman, Rowan County commission,
after losing his bid for re-election in Tuesday’s primary

“There will be turbulence, but you will get there.”
— Shari Albury,
Livingstone valedictorian,
comparing life after graduation to flying on a plane