Main roads OK, side streets, sidewalks iced over

Published 12:00 am Friday, February 14, 2014

Road conditions are still dangerous this morning with last night’s freezing temperatures, but more people are out on the roads this morning.
Roads that were cleared and had a chance to dry before the temperatures dropped remain clear, though even Main Street and Innes Street have spots where slush refroze overnight.
Side streets, particularly downtown, have been scraped, but the lane of travel is fairly narrow and piles of frozen snow are blocking some intersections. Crews worked through the night to clear some downtown areas.
Outside the downtown areas, streets that were not scraped are a solid sheet of ice. Driveways, dips and intersections are especially slippery.
Walking on the ice is treacherous. It’s easier to get through a pile of ice-crusted snow than to walk in the solid ice tracks made by vehicles. And on sidewalks and roads, there are spots of black ice.
Today’s forecast calls for temperatures in the 40s, which will help melt more snow, but drivers and pedestrians should continue to be extra cautious.