Couple donates to Christmas Happiness in honor of Locke Fire Dept.

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Dana Samuelson and his wife, Jan, live less than a mile from Locke Fire Department. The couple see the firefighters day after day responding to fire and other incidents in the area. The couple decided this year they would make a Christmas Happiness donation in honor of the men and women they see rescuing others.
“We take for granted the things that they do. We just wanted to show some appreciation for the effort they do,” Dana said.
He said he and his wife don’t know any of the firefighters personally, but have met a few of them. The two just wanted to thank them.
Christmas Happiness contributions are collected at the Salisbury Post. The donations are listed in the paper each day. The Salvation Army of Rowan County distributes those contributions to area families in need. Families receive a voucher to buy Christmas presents for each child who qualifies.
The Samuelsons have been donating to the Christmas Happiness since they moved to the area in the late 1990s. The couple give to Christmas Happiness simply because the children need it.
“I can’t see someone going without at Christmas time when I’ve got more than enough,” he said.
Dana said he thinks it’s a fantastic way for the community to help those who are less fortunate.
“It’s wonderful that the gentleman started it so long ago. It gives people a tangible way to feel good. It’s a worthwhile thing to show some love,” he said.
The program began when then Post editor Spencer Murphy wanted to help provide Christmas for the families in the community. The Christmas Happiness Fund was created in 1952 and has continued to grow to meet the needs of those children who would not otherwise received gifts at the holidays.
Bring contributions to the Salisbury Post, 131 W. Innes St., between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. weekdays or mail them to The Salisbury Post Christmas Happiness Fund, P.O. Box 4639, Salisbury, NC 28145-4639.
Make checks payable to the Christmas Happiness Fund and indicate how you wish your donations to be listed.
Today’s contributions are:
In memory of Rev. Lester and Eula Roof and in honor of my children and their spouses: Debbie and Brad, Lisa and Tony, Jon and Ashley by Betty and in honor of my grandchildren: Ryan, Mackenzie, Abraham, Camryn, Samuel and Jaxon by Gammie $100
In loving memory of our parents, Violet and Mason Lawrance by Tara and Sharon $50
In memory of Mr. “Ran” Turner and Merry Christmas to: Mr. and Mrs. Gordon and Carolyn Hurley and Mrs. Mary Ellen Turner by Andy K. $100
Discovery Sunday School Class 1st Presbyterian $200
In lieu of mailing Christmas cards by Perry and Ruth Julian $100
In memory of Baby Greg and in honor of our grandchildren, Katy, Ben, Will, Cal, J.T., Heather and Ashlynn $200
In memory of West and Rosemary Spain, Doris Langlais, and Tami Duke by The Langlais Family $100
In memory of Buck Hurley by The Leazer’s $50
In honor of Gordon, Carolyn and Jeff Hurley by The Leazer’s..$50
In honor of Joe and Phyllis Freeze by Wilbert and Carolyn Lyerly $100
In honor of Jean L. Ray by Wilbert and Carolyn Lyerly $200
In loving memory of James Ryan Jr., Jimmy Ryan and Mike Ryan by Georgia Ryan and Family $20
The Charity League of Salisbury ………………………………………$500
In memory of Gizmo, Wesley, Squirt, Lucy and Chloe and in honor of Tricia on her Birthday by Harry, Benny and John..$30
Davis Farm Bunco Group…$110
In honor of The Fireman and Volunteer Firefighters of the Locke Fire Department by Dana and Jan Samuelson $100
In honor of grandkids: Noah, Luke and Jacob by Digna Freirich $100
In memory of our children by Walt and Hilda Ramseur $50
Gloria Dei WELCA $25
In memory of Claude and Martha Trexler by Wayne and Doris Trexler, Carolyn and Royce Thomason, Deanie and Kyle Ribelin and Gayle and Don Weddington $100
In honor of Greta and Charles Connor $40
In memory of Ray and Steve Weddington and in honor of Cora Weddington by Don and Gayle Weddington $50
To honor my family The Collins: Sammy, Amie, Claire and Nathan $50
In memory of my mother, Nellie Safrit by Calvin Safrit $100
In honor of our friendship by Lonzo, Martha, Ted, Phyllis, Terry and Beth $75
In memory of Alex McClamrock, Lloyd and Ginnie McClamrock and Callie and Calvin Eagle $100
In memory of Jack Hodges by Bill Reid and Belinda Reid $50
In memory of Betty Miller by Clyde Miller and The Miller Family $100
Canterbury Book Club $100
In honor of our Sunday School Teachers by 1st Presbyterian Church-Women’s Class $50
In honor of Beth, Doug, Jill and Ray by Carol and Denny White $200
In memory of a loving husband and father, Albert (Al) Boulus by Thelma, Michael, Sandy, Dan and Grandchildren $100
In memory of Sharon DeRhodes by Delores Brooks $25
In honor of our family by Mark Alley $100

Total $3,425
Running Total $38,805.37