Published 12:00 am Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Name: Mike Robinson Jr.
School: North Rowan
Sport(s): Football
Family: Mom Conswella, Dad Michael Sr., Sister Teaunna, Sister Destiny, Sister Azarea
Birthday: 10-22-95
Nickname: Lil’ Mike
My Hidden Talent: Poetry
Personal Motto: Never give up
Favorite Rowan Restaurant: Olive Garden
Favorite Color: Black
Favorite Animal: Tiger
Favorite Class: African-American History
Favorite TV: Family Guy
Favorite Movie: The Notebook
Favorite Team: Duke
Favorite Athlete: Richard Sherman
Favorite Musical Groups or Singers: J. Cole
Hobbies: Football
Words that describe me: Smart, athletic, fine, optomistic
Celebrity Dream Date: Hallie Berry
Actor who would star in a movie about my life: Kevin Hart
Biggest Rival: Salisbury
My Greatest Accomplishment: Pending…
Prized Possession: Picture of my Grandma
Career Goals: NFL, owning my own business
If I Become a Millionaire by Age 20, I will: Take care of my Mama, start a bank account, give back to the community.