Rockwell man tries to beat drug screen with ‘good’ urine in a glove

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, October 23, 2013

A Rockwell man charged five months ago with having several mini methamphetamine labs in his home is now accused of trying to use “good” urine to “defeat” a drug screen test.
The Salisbury Police charged Joshua Aaron Senk, 33, of the 2400 block of Wind Swept Way, with misdemeanor unlawful to foil or defeat a drug/alcohol screen test.
The incident occurred Tuesday morning when Senk reported to the county probation office for a drug test.
Officials said he had pulled urine from his pants that was inside a latex glove. The glove was inside a small container. Senk attempted to place the urine in the test cup, but was caught by a probation officer.
He was issued a written promise to appear in court. Senk is expected in court Nov. 25.
In May, Rowan Sheriff’s investigators went to Senk’s Rockwell home where they discovered six, one-pot meth labs inside and outside his home. In the one-pot method, the maker mixes cold pills with other chemicals and shakes the contents. The drug is usually created inside a two-liter bottle.