Fire crews respond to natural gas leak

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Construction crews accidentally cut a natural gas line today just before 10 a.m. at Klumac Road and Old South Main Street.
Salisbury firefighters, who were attending a 9/11 ceremony a few blocks away at the Salisbury-Rowan Firefighter’s Memorial, responded quickly.
Salisbury Battalion Chief David Morris there was a 2-inch and a 4-inch steel natural gas line that was cut where crews have been working to build a railroad underpass at Klumac Road.
“We are monitoring the interior and have allowed them to stay inside,” Morris said of area businesses.
He said they are monitoring the buildings and making sure gas does not get into the buildings.
Fire crews established a 100 foot buffer or “hot zone” around the perimeter of the leak site. The only people allowed closer to the site were Piedmont Natural Gas crews and fire crews, who were looking to secure the scene, Morris said.
Fire officials requested Norfolk Southern to stop trains from entering the area.
The only company that evacuated was Promats, but it was due to high levels of carbon monoxide, not natural gas. The employees were allowed to return 15 minutes after leaving the building.
Morris said typically natural gas is lighter and tends to dissipate or evaporate into the air. Crews remained at the scene to monitor and maintain the area.
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