Published 12:00 am Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Don’t change state’s popular smoke-free laws
I am sounding a smoke alarm. In 2010, North Carolina passed a very popular, good, bipartisan smoke-free bar and restaurant bill. That law also gave cities and counties the authority to decide whether all or part of their publicly owned grounds would be smoke-free. We have gotten used to breathing smoke-free air, but that could all change if a bill pending in the state Senate gains any traction.
Senate Bill 703 would repeal the authority of local governments to control or prohibit smoking on outdoor grounds and limit that to state control.
Why would anyone, other than the state politicians, think that Raleigh knows what is better for the municipal and county parks and properties than the local elected officials? Many communities have chosen to offer protection from second-hand smoke in areas like parks where families gather. However, if this bill passes, it will eliminate the choice of local governments and prohibit them from doing what they think is best for the people here in Salisbury and Rowan.
Please call your local representative and let them know that you oppose changing these regulations and that you oppose SB 703.
— Maxey Sanderson


Wanted: Christian leaders
It’s the bottom of the ninth, and our country is one out away from losing everything our fathers and grandfathers have set before us. How will you, brother or sister of the Christian faith, respond?
In all honesty, there are plenty of lukewarm Christians who can step up to the plate and end our hopes of restoring our once great country. What we need though, is a Christian leader who will come up clutch when the team needs it most.
Our coach will find someone to be that unsung hero. Why not let it be you who indulges in the Word, and speaks it with boldness? Persecution is inevitable — you won’t find many books of the Bible that don’t mention it.
May the conviction of not speaking up be greater than your fear of criticism or rejection from others, for great is your reward in heaven. And when someone accuses you of being judgmental or close-minded, confidently tell them you’re only as close-minded as the pages found in the Word, God’s Word — the Bible.
Be zealous for the truth, but do everything out of love. Your team needs you, and your coach would like to have you. In Jesus’ name, Amen.
— Garrett White

Mount Ulla

Tolerance, two-way street
I am so disappointed in America. We are becoming such an immoral and sick country.
We are supposed to tolerate the killing of babies by abortion, tolerate parents who abuse and kill their own children, tolerate lies by our government leaders on terrorist attacks and all the ugly comments to Rev. Ken Reed’s wonderful article. God help those of us who want to save this country.
— C. B. McLaughlin