Rep. Virginia Foxx visits Trinity Oaks

Published 12:00 am Thursday, April 4, 2013

Rep. Virginia Foxx visited Trinity Oaks on Wednesday, meeting and greeting residents throughout the Klumac Road campus.
After a tour of Trinity Oaks health and rehab led by Administrator Bill Johnson, Foxx had lunch and later took questions from retirement residents.
Since 2005, the Republican has served the 5th District, which now includes part of Rowan County. Her current term will end in 2015.
During her visit, Foxx discovered a connection with Carleen Fink, an employee at the Trinity Oaks F&M Bank branch. One of Fink’s relatives, Dwight Fink, was Foxx’s high school principal and “a huge influence” on her life, she said.
Foxx shared a story about having a study hall instead of a fourth-year math class during her senior year at Crossnore High. When her principal found out about it, Foxx said, he took her by the ear to enroll her in a math class — and she’s grateful he did.
“I would not have gotten into college if I hadn’t taken that course,” she said.
Foxx responded to concerns about the Social Security system, stating that she believes that despite its problems, Social Security will remain solvent, although retirees will likely see cuts to benefits.
Foxx called Congress’ low approval rating “unfortunate.” Foxx said she works 18-hour days to serve more than 700,000 constituents, staying up late at night to personally answer mail — including the nasty, hate-filled letters. Others in Congress are similarly dedicated, she said.
“I know what I do,” she said, explaining her devotion to her job and the energy she brings to it. “I have to look in the mirror and face myself and face God,” she said.
Foxx, who is 69, noted that she is one of 100 women in Congress, which is more than a third of the total number (297) who have ever served in the nation’s history. “It’s a rare opportunity,” she said, adding that when she was a community college president she was only the third woman to have done so. Even in high school she was a trailblazer — she was the first female senior class president to be elected.
Foxx praised the Trinity Oaks campus and the efforts of Lutheran Services Carolinas to provide quality care. “I hope when I need a facility like this I can find a place like it,” she said.