Unsolved murders

Published 12:00 am Sunday, December 2, 2012

?• August 1978, Robert Allen Frank, 19, and Tammy Lynn White, 16, shot.
Frank and White, of Virginia, planned to marry but had their lives cut short in 1978. Their bodies were found in separate locations, dumped along different roads in Rowan County.
Frank was shot once in the back of the head. White was shot in the head three times and was “sexually mutilated,”?according to an investigator at the time.
Little was discovered about the murder or who they encountered as they passed through Rowan County.

• December 1978: Herbert Hoover Moss, 49, shot.
A customer at North Main Package Store in Kannapolis found Moss’ body Dec. 13.
Authorities believe a gunman shot him once in the head with a shotgun. A small amount of money was taken from the register. Moss’ wallet was also missing.
Friends told officers Moss had no enemies. Police arrested no one.

• November 1980: John Leonard Williams, Jr., 24, beaten.
Williams’ body was found in a wooded area off Old Cress School Road near Miller Road. Authorities said they never identified the object used to kill him.
Authorities never developed any solid leads in the case. No arrests were made.

• March 1988: Paula Ann Freeman, 28, beaten.
Authorities weren’t sure where Freeman was murdered after they discovered her body March 18. Deputies said she died from blows to the head.
Her grandmother had filed a missing person’s report more than four months earlier. Her nude body had been was buried in a shallow grave, face down with hands tied behind her back.

• July 1995: Lois Jean Whaley, 46, strangled.
After she went missing June 10, 1995, Waley’s car was found two days later near Bringle Ferry Road. Blood was found on the vehicle’s seats. Her body was found the about a week later when in a hayfield off Ponds School Road.
No arrests were made in the murder.

• April 1992: James Melvin Fisher, 55, stabbed.
Fisher’s body was found sitting in a chair in his Partee Drive home in Landis. He had been stabbed in the heart with a kitchen knife.
Deputies initially said they had suspects in the case, but no one was ever charged.

• 1992: Sherry Mash, strangled.
Authorities said Mash was found near the roadside in the north Rowan area. She was strangled with her pocketbook straps.

• October 1992: Byron Montgomery “Monty” Wisecarver, 26, shot.
Wisecarver, an Army veteran, was shot twice — in the head and neck — about 5:30 a.m. Oct. 23. He was gunned down as he went outside to start his truck. Wisecarver was able to get back inside the home before he collapsed and succumbed to his wounds.
A motorcycle was heard leaving the area around Wisecarver’s home on Sherills Ford Road. No one was charged.

• December 1996: Homer Edward Brown, 67, shot.
Brown was found dead in the trunk of his 1980 Lincoln Town Car at a Charlotte shopping center Dec. 16, 2006. He had a single gunshot wound.
Police believed Brown was killed following an argument at a mobile home park in China Grove. Blood was found in a neighbor’s van, but the suspect died of natural causes before authorities could investigate further.
It’s unclear if the blood was confirmed to be Brown’s. No one was charged.

• September 1997: Derry Gerald Jordan, 28, shot.
Jordan was shot multiple times and left in tall grass about 75 yards off a dirt road near U.S. 601. He was face down in the grass beside the road.
The land owner, who found the man and called 911, said the murder appeared to be execution-style. Detectives said they had no suspects in the days following the shooting.

• February 2001: Marlon Darnell Ellis, 37, shot.
Ellis’ body was found under a pile of brush in a yard on Five Row Road in early February.
He was shot multiple times, including in the head and chest. No arrests were made in the shooting.

• November 2010: Deyanira “Dee” Rios de la Cruz, 20, shot.
Rios was shot during a robbery at the Latin Mix in Spencer where she worked as a cashier.
Rios hit the business’ panic button just before being shot. A man wearing dark clothing and white gloves was seen leaving the business.