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Letters to the editor – Thursday (11-1-2012)

Support Marty McGee for Appeals Court
I am writing to support Judge Marty McGee for the North Carolina Court of Appeals.
Judge McGee has served as a District Court Judge in Cabarrus County for more than a decade. He has presided over tens of thousands of cases involving criminal, family, juvenile and other civil law matters. He is a judge who believes in judicial restraint. He fairly applies the law to the facts of the case, without his personal opinions.
North Carolina needs a judge who does not bend to public pressures. One who abides by the Constitution and believes the courts have a limited role in our society. We need a judge who does not legislate from the bench.
Since North Carolina’s judicial races are non-partisan, I urge you to remember Judge Marty McGee. Make sure your flip over your ballot and vote wisely on the judicial races. We all know the impact of having conservative judges and we need to remind our friends to vote for them.
I am proud to cast my vote for a conservative judge, Marty McGee.
— Dale Edwards

Battermann for House
First, let me say that anyone who is a minister and an educator understands the commitment that service to others involves. Bill Battermann understands commitment and is dedicated to improving education, agriculture and business in Rowan County.
I encourage you to take a few minutes and read Bill Battermann’s biography and work plan for District 77 at www.billbattermannfor77.org.
His plan for agriculture supports tax breaks for farmers and assistance with crop insurance.
Bill’s focus on education supports state funding for farming research, and promoting Farm Bureau classroom programs, which will encourage students to consider farming as a career.
His public education plan is designed to give N.C. residents a first-class education for job preparation. Bill’s plan is to reverse some of the budget cuts the schools have experienced, and give students tools needed to enable them to be competitive globally. Bill realizes the tremendous contributions teachers play in our lives. Concentration will be given to reward the teaching profession for the influential people they are, including compensation for the important role they play in the education of our children.
And finally, jobs. Bill believes education is about training people for jobs, so they can support themselves. He will work to attract business to Rowan County that will provide good paying jobs, and will promote our cultural atmosphere. 
This election is important to all of us. Regardless of our political party, we must vote for the person we believe can be a true facilitator of our needs in Raleigh. Please prayerfully consider your vote, and I hope you will support Bill Battermann.
I am a Republican, but I believe we must vote for the person who can best represent us, and that person in Rowan County is Bill Battermann for N.C. House District 77.
— Mildred Lingle Stutts

Support Susan Cox
Please join me on Nov. 6 and cast your vote for Susan Cox (school board, southeast seat). Susan would be the fresh voice the board needs. I have known Susan on a personal level, and know firsthand that she has the children’s and teachers’ best interest at heart.
— Jane Patterson

Why, indeed
I want to congratulate Julie Blalock for an excellent letter (Why Obama?) that appeared in Monday’s Post. I loved her question, “How in heaven’s name can any responsible, America-loving person support Barack Obama at this point?”
I have been asking that question since the summer of 2008 when there were already enough facts available to cause anyone paying the slightest attention to run as far away from Obama as possible! This man is the most damaging president of all time. He is part of two of the smelliest affairs in American history, including “Fast and Furious” and the deadly debacle in Libya, which caused the needless loss of four American lives because the Commander-in-chief didn’t command when he should have and then tried to cover it up! His handling of the economy seems to have been calculated to bring this country down instead of building it up. Everything Ms. Blalock said in her letter is true. She exposes what the so-called mainstream media has deliberately hidden from those people who don’t do their homework. Mr. Obama should be going through an impeachment trial instead of a re-election bid.
As with Ms. Blalock, Governor Romney wasn’t my first choice, either (I supported Herman Cain initially ), but Romney has won me over as the best Republican candidate after all. I have no doubt that the re-election of Barack Obama will be a disaster for the nation, and every American will be sorry that our misguided liberal friends let him turn this nation into a socialist nightmare. Our fate is in God’s hands and we’d best be doing some powerful praying in the days and months ahead.
— Michael R. Safrit
China Grove

To the undecideds
This is addressed to the 5-6 percent who haven’t yet decided who they’ll vote for.
Republicans claim everything started Jan. 21, 2009, with the inauguration of Barack Obama. Not so. At the risk of restating the obvious, on Jan. 21, 2001, our country had a projected surplus of more than $250 billion and a national debt of $5.1 trillion. Eight years later, we had an average deficit over $300 billion, debt approaching $12 trillion and the Great Recession.
Under Obama’s leadership, we’ve seen gradual growth in the national economy, increasing housing prices, growth in housing starts, increased job growth and a rejuvenated automobile industry. All in all, a slow recovery, but at least a recovery. 
What can we expect if Mr. Romney and the Republicans win? A major tax cut for top earners. Drastic cuts in federal programs for highways, health care, education and public safety. An energy policy written by the energy companies. All this with a budget he won’t clearly define and which doesn’t seem to balance. 
What can we expect if Obama is re-elected? We’ll see a more balanced budget presented, including tax increases for the top 5 percent and some reduction in spending. Increased funds for highways and other infrastructure. Increased support for education. Hopefully, there will be progress in bringing the 11 million undocumented immigrants into our official economy and adding them to the tax base.
On balance, I believe President Obama is the better choice. Internationally, there is no difference between the two. On jobs, most economists predict a growth of around 12 million jobs no matter who wins. Finally, we have tried most of Mr. Romney’s ideas before and they didn’t work very well. It’s not a simple choice, but I still recommend President Obama for those of you who are still wondering which horse to bet your and your children’s future on.
— Jack Burke

Put trust in God
When I think of our nation’s history and the trials we’ve faced, I can’t help but think of the Greatest Generation. That generation endured the Great Depression and sacrificed to fight and win World War II. They gave their most valuable possessions to be used to build ships and make weapons. They gave their life’s savings to combat the enemies of democracy and freedom. Women said goodbye to husbands and sons, not knowing if they would ever see them again. That generation trusted God and learned how to pray. I see in them a persistence that made America great.
My fear is that we Americans have lost our will to sacrifice and trust God. I see an America that has its hope in big government and has forgotten how to kneel and pray for our daily needs. We have said “no” to walking in obedience to God’s word and have embraced every form of lifestyle contrary to his word. In Judges, there is a passage that greatly applies to our day. Judges 2:10 reads, “There arose in that day a generation who did not know the Lord.” There is a terrible price to pay for turning our faces away from God and his word. His word says in Psalm 9:17, “The wicked shall be turned into hell and all nations who forget God.” Has America been turned into hell? We have $16 trillion in debt; illegals flooding across our borders in droves, taking our jobs and living off the system; Obamacare, which will fund partial-birth abortions with tax dollars and tax the middle class at a new level; 47 million on food stamps; prayer removed from public life, the Ten Commandments tossed out of public view.
God has not walked away from America; we have walked away from God. Please take the time this election to pray over your vote and for the healing of our nation.
— Mike Kluttz 

Politics & religion
I am an evangelical Christian. I’m still hearing the questions from some of my friends, “Are you voting for a Morman?” — “Should a Christian vote for a Mormon?” My quick answers are “yes” and “maybe.”
America has a secular government with a constitution based on Judeo-Christian values. There was never a requirement for government leaders to be Christian. It was certainly expected that any leader accept the common values of our society and even suggested by first Chief Justice John Jay that we should prefer Christians as our leaders. I do.
This is the open question: Is there a qualified Christian candidate available? This year we have only two viable choices. Although one claims to be Christian, his views are in diametric opposition to Christian values. I do not consider the Mormon religion to be Christian, but that is not the overriding consideration. Mitt Romney’s values of morality and virtuous behavior align very closely with Christian values. That is what is important.
Should a Christian vote for a Mormon because he is a Morman? No.
Should a Christian vote for a Mormon because his personal values are aligned with Christianity? Yes.
If Mitt Romney becomes president, it may be even more important to clarify the differences between Mormanism and Christianity. I expect to do so. I would not vote for him as my pastor, but so long as his values support the constitutional values of my country and its founders, I will wholeheartedly support him above the anti-Christian alternative!
My priorities in choosing a candidate include: being pro-life, pro-biblical marriage, economically responsible, pro-America, supporting free enterprise and being pro-Israel, 
This year, one candidate is on the right side of these issues. The other is on the wrong side of them. The choice could not be clearer! Mitt Romney!
— Charles Baker

Politics & religion II
The Rev. Billy Graham’s endorsement of former Gov. Mitt Romney is disturbing. It is the first time he has publicly supported a candidate. Removing Mormonism from his organization’s cult list departs from Graham’s long-held beliefs. Supporting Romney violates IRS guidelines, jeopardizing the religious tax-exemption.
As a pastor for 40-plus years, I didn’t always agree with Billy Graham, but I respected him. When minister of Damascus Christian Church (Chapel Hill), America’s oldest from that denomination, I appreciated receiving notice when a member attended a crusade, encouraging me to follow up, which I did. His association set the standard in financial accountability. Billy’s trip to India changed his views, as he celebrated God’s love for people, including non-Christians. He continued to try to convert people to Christianity, which I understood.
That brings me to say: In my opinion, Mormons are not Christians, contrary to their claim. Mormonism has cult-like tendencies with its secrecy and practices but should be classified as a newer religion (my seminary minor at Harvard was the history of religions). 
My last pastorate was in Massachusetts, while Romney was governor. Often not on the job, he fought with Democrats and constantly vetoed legislation. Graham overlooks Romney’s deceit or shifting views and glosses over his claim to be Christian.
Religion and politics matter. An independent voter for 30-plus years, I say: Billy Graham crossed the line by offering Mitt Romney support. Billy (and Franklin) should “repent!”
— Rev. Gary Hauze


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