Published 12:00 am Friday, May 4, 2012

The Center for the Environment checked 81 vehicles for leaking gas caps April 27 during Burt’s Bees’ Earth Day Huddle at its distribution center in Cary. 
The Center’s Campaign for Clean Air staff found only three caps that leaked and replaced them free of charge. Typically, 90 percent to 93 percent of the gas caps in any given check pass the emissions test, but nearly 97 percent of the vehicles belonging to Burt’s Bees’ employees passed.
The Campaign for Clean Air staff also offered information on air pollution and its causes and impacts at the Earth Day Huddle.
In addition, John Wear, the Center’s executive director, and Dolly Farrell, the Center’s development coordinator, gave three presentations on ground-level ozone pollution, which is prevalent in the metropolitan areas of the state.