Letters to the editor – Thursday (4-26-2012)

Published 12:00 am Friday, April 27, 2012

Time to sweep out House — and rest of D.C., too
North Carolina and many other states are having financial problems with schools. North Carolina is considering raising the sales tax to help keep them open. The problem is with our Congress and government in Washington, still fighting wars costing $2.5 billion per week.
Congress is still maintaining foreign aid to Britain, France and other nations. We provide money for new roads, settlements and the military in Israel. Israel has one of the world’s strongest economies. We provide billions to Israel, which is enough to sustain all U.S. school districts. We would have enough money to rebuild our infrastructure. N.C. roads need to be repaired. Congress does not represent the people; it represents foreign countries that do not repay the U.S.
We should bring our troops home from 109 countries, saving about $2 trillion, more than enough to restore our country to the greatness it once held in the world. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, who should be fired, thinks we should be involved in the Syrian conflict. Many in our government are pressing for war with Iran because of its nuclear program. What about North Korea’s nuclear program?
It’s time to vote Congress out of office. N.C. roads are horrible, and the entire country’s infrastructure is worn out. It’s time to repair our great country and pay attention to the many U.S. citizens who are suffering. It’s time for term limits for all elected officials and judges. Get rid of the Federal Reserve and restore our paper money to the gold and silver standard. It’s time to clean house. The Congress should be charged with stealing money from trust funds. They stole funds from Social Security and Highway Trust Funds. If you or I did that, we would be thrown in jail.
People of North Carolina, throw the bums out!
— Victor S. Farrah
Elect fiscal conservatives
Early voting is underway and it’s important how we cast crucial ballots for the Rowan County Commission and the state Legislature. We need more fiscal conservatives in both bodies.
Addressing that last comment, after force-feeding the tax payers of Rowan County on the new office building for the RSSS, Gene Miller has shown that he is not conservative. With all the empty buildings owned by the county, voters should always wonder why nothing but brand-new was adequate. In all his presentations, not once did we hear the terms “student” and “education.”
The best qualified candidates for the two commission seats are Mike Caskey and Malcolm “Mac” Butner. Mac, a graduate of Catawba College, is a longtime political observer in Rowan County and knows the ins-and-outs of local politics. He has served on various boards and commissions. Rowan voters will be wise to give Mac the opportunity to exercise his political acumen for them.
Mike Caskey currently serves on the RSSS Board of Education. Mike, a resident of Rowan County, is a patrol officer with the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department. Mike has other credentials that he brings to the commission table, including an MBA degree from Catawba College. A vote for Mike Caskey will be a vote for conservative reasoning and fiscal responsibility.
In the North Carolina House, District 76, we taxpayers need Carl Ford’s leadership and business experience. As a devout Christian, I know Carl as a man of integrity and a long-time owner in the competitive and highly complex business of radio broadcasting. Carl Ford works hard in his business, and he will work just as hard for his constituents as the representative of District 76, just as he has worked hard as both chairman and vice chairman of the Rowan County Commission.
Vote for these few good men.
— Bill Ward
Miller for county commission
I don’t normally write letters to endorse someone running for county commissioner, but it’s time to restore integrity to the reputation of our county. I want a county that has a reputation for being business friendly, public safety friendly, education friendly, visitor friendly; a county that is compassionate to all citizens and ready to listen and make wise decisions that grow and sustain our county. I believe Gene Miller as a county commissioner can make all that happen!
These are hard times we live in, and if we are to rise above these hard times and create jobs instead of cutting jobs; invite growth instead of rejecting growth; provide needed services to our citizens instead of turning away opportunities to keep our citizens safe, then it is going to take someone capable of making sound decisions.
I urge you to vote for responsible, sound leadership. Vote Gene Miller for county commissioner.
— W.A. “Wild Bill” Corriher
China Grove
Endorsement deadline
Letters of endorsement for candidates or issues in the May 8 primary must be received in the Salisbury Post newsroom by 5 p.m., May 1.