Church protests against the ACLU

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Members of the Salisbury Believers Fellowship protested against the American Civil Liberties Union Tuesday on the Square in downtown Salisbury. Holding homemade signs and large placards, they stood on each corner of the intersection.
The ACLU of North Carolina has asked the Rowan County Board of Commissioners to stop opening meetings with religion-specific prayers. So far, most commissioners have refused to comply.
The nondenominational church, which meets at the Spencer Woman’s Club, received a “very positive” response to the protest, including thumbs up and appreciative comments, said Nate Schmucker, who organized the event. He is a son of Pastor Daniel Schmucker.
The group did not obtain a permit, Nate Schmucker said. When asked later about the protest, Salisbury Police Chief Rory Collins said a permit was required.