Man outside Starbucks 'surrenders' to officers

Published 12:00 am Monday, March 26, 2012

By Shavonne Potts
SALISBURY — A Winston-Salem man not wearing a shirt or shoes and acting strangely was arrested Friday outside Starbucks.
David D’Sean Boyd, 30, of Fairway Forest Drive, was charged with resist, delay, obstruct an officer and second-degree trespass, both misdemeanors.
A Salisbury Police officer was sent to the coffee shop on East Innes Street, where a man with no shirt, blue pajama pants and no shoes was yelling at people, a report said.
Boyd was behind a Dumpster and had already been asked to leave by a Starbucks employee.
When the officer approached Boyd, he began waving a white shirt after the officer asked for his name and identification.
Boyd asked the officer if the officer knew what the white shirt meant.
He told the officer he was, “waving the white flag and he did not want anymore,” the report said.
When the officer pulled out a notebook to take notes, Boyd told the officer to calm down.
The officer told Boyd he was under arrest for trespassing. Boyd said he was waiting for his doctor because Starbucks was where he felt comfortable.
He resisted arrest, placing his arms out to his sides. Boyd continued to not provide officers with information. An officer saw a wrist band on Boyd with his name and date of birth.
The officer was able to look Boyd up in the computer and identified him via a driver’s license.
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