Yesterday: Rare bottle

Published 12:00 am Sunday, March 4, 2012

Collector John Patterson Jr. of Spencer says it took him almost 35 years to find one, but here it is — a bottle from the Salisbury Carbonating Co. “I dug up a broken one in the old Spencer dump in 1977 and have never seen another partial or complete one until I found this one,” Patterson says. “The owner told me it was found inside a wall while remodeling a house on South Fulton Street.” Patterson says he has searched old telephone and business directories “as far back as I can find with no listing of a Salisbury Carbonating Co.” Patterson thinks the company existed for only a short period — not long enough to make one of those publications. “I can only estimate the age period to be between circa 1900 and circa 1914,” he says. “I know that is a wide time frame.”