Yesterday: Preparing for High Rock

Published 12:00 am Monday, December 12, 2011

Kyle Madison has been scanning hundreds of photographs from two old family albums lately. On this photograph, he says, ‘I had to get out a couple of magnifying glasses to make out the inscription on the memorial plaque. … It refers to the N.C. State Historical Commission, the Board of Commissioners of Davidson County, the Rotary Club of Lexington and, most interestingly, the Tallassee Power Co. That is not Tallahassee, by the way. I had to do some research, but the Tallassee Power Co. later became Alcoa in about 1910.’ Madison says a lot of photographs in his collection seem to be the land that is now under High Rock Lake. ‘I had been curious about why so many photos of people had fallen/cut tree trunks and stumps in the background — entire hillsides of clear-cut forests, like the pre-construction of a modern housing development.’