Published 12:00 am Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Real estate transfers filed in the office of Register of Deeds Harry L. Welch, Jr. with sale price indicated by revenue stamps. Deeds with no stamps are not listed.
Locke Township
Rogers Townsend & Thomas, PC, as substitute trustee to Regions Bank, $179,500.
Adam P. Barton and wife to Wallace E. Rumple, $93,000.
Citimortgage, Inc. to Jesus M. Quiintero, $29,500.
Daniel Wayne Eller and others to Christopher P. Mitchem and wife, $112,500.
Elizabeth J. Payne and other to Kimberly Sue Benson, $280,000.
US Bank National Association, as trustee to MK Affordable Properties, LLC, $72,500.
Fisher and Morris Builders Inc. to Paula Brassard, $190,000.
Morgan Township
John D. Jackson and wife to Gene Paul Zeigler and wife, $18,000.
Edward J. Miller, Jr. and wife to Dewey G. Faw and wife, $100,000.
Jerry Sides and wife to John L. McCombs, $10,000.
Providence Township
Clarence Danny Daniels and wife to Timmy B. Miller and wife, $102,500.
Tammy P. Oliver and husband to Wesley M. Allen, $196,500.
Brad M. Smith and wife to Linus Holstein and wife, $36,000.
Carl L. Lemly, as executor to Carl L. Lemly and others, $15,000.
Shirley Ann Lindsay and husband to Lawrence Harley Stephens, Jr., $1,000.
William R. Owen and others to Catherine R. Burrows, $59,000.
Barnhardt and Sons Development, LLC to Jeremy M. Foster and wife, $29,000.
Bradley L. Boyd and others to Joe C. McPherson and wife, $308,000.
Rowan Township
Diana C. Myers to Margaret S. Armstrong, $320,000.
True Homes, LLC to Jessica Sosa and husband, $147,000.
John H. Kriminger and other to Bernard W. Bost, Jr., $10,000.
Grace Catherine Hillman and others to Quinn L. Steele and husband, $115,000.
Hylton Investment Company, Inc. to Wayne Harman, $45,000.
Vantrum REO Capital Markets, LP to Bobby L. Davis and wife, $29,500.
Edward Blaine Bostian and wife to David A. Ford, $159,000.
Richard D. Honeycutt and wife to Randy J. Pope and wife, $173,000.
Mark D. Honeycutt and wife to Richard D. Honeycutt and wife, $175,000.
Wynsor Homes, Inc. to Michael D. Beam and wife, $370,000.
Homesales, Inc. to Eddie D. Eller and wife, $18,000.
Howard L. Keziah, Sr. and wife to Lennie W. Allen and wife, $98,000.
GJ Vick, LLC to Michael T. Biddy, $6,000.
Luke Tyler Davis and wife to Brenda A. Warner, $65,000.
Stephen Q. Brown and wife to Eddie H. Hodge and wife, $13,000.
Esther P. Wilhelm to Susan Greer Pickler, $110,000.
CRM Mid-Atlantic Properties, LLC to Wellspring Carolina Investments, LLC, $500.
James C. Sanders to Michael Bailey and wife, $316,500.
Bobby J. Jenkins to Carolyn S. Love and husband, $32,500.
Stephen M. Canzona and wife to Larry T. Maher and wife, $115,000.
Craft Development, LLC to True Homes, LLC, $25,000.
Russell Henry Paling and wife to Herbert Thomas Appenzeller, Jr. and wife, $85,000.
Timothy E. Noell and wife to Liinda L. Ingham, $155,000.
Carolyn M. Moore to Cynthia M. Williamson, $1,500.
Grady I. Ingle, as substitute trustee to Deutsche Bank National Trust Company, as indenture trustee, $147,500.
Grady I. Ingle, as substitute trustee to CitiFiinancial Inc., $16,000.
James M. Grizzard and wife to John Charles Colvard, $225,000.
Dorothy W. Foster to James Michael Morriss and other, $32,000.
Sharon Saxon, as administrator and others to Patricia Goodman, $80,000.
James L. Carter, Jr., as substitute trustee to Community Bank of Rowan, $161,000.
James L. Carter, Jr., as substitute trustee to Community Bank of Rowan, $161,500.
Metro Worship Center, Inc. to CommunityOne Bank, N.A., $490,000.
Robert E. Smith and wife to Troy C. Dibley and wife, $325,000.
MetLife Home Loans to JNA Properties, LLC, $30,000.
Alan B. Powell, as substitute trustee to Bank of North Carolina, $109,000.
Alan B. Powell, as substitute trustee to Bank of North Carolins, $27,500.
Grady I. Ingle or Elizabeth B. Ells, as substitute trustee to Wells Fargo Bank, NA, $89,000.
Southgate Masonry and Lumber Company Inc. to John M. Simonick and wife, $745,500.
Trustee Services of Carolina, LLC, as substitute trustee to SunTrust Bank, $23,000.
Anne Joan Greene to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp., $84,000.
Katona Properties, LLC to Matthew Daleinne and wife, $38,000.
Carrol Fisher Construction Co. to Wayne Davenport, $78,000.
Thomas A. Carter and wife to Michael Gettler and wife, $617,000.
Bobby R. Ennis and wife and others to Christopher Whitman, $36,500.
Grady I. Ingle, as substitute trustee to John C. Schofield, $65,000.
MTGLQ Investors, LP to Jose Antonio Virella and other, $51,000.
Becky Elaine Burleson Wilson and others to Warren E. Vanhoy and wife, $75,000.
William R. Horne to Desiree Starr Treece, $75,000.
Mark T. Aderhold, as substitute trustee to Green Tree Servicing LLC, $46,000.
H. Kent Goodman and others to Sanders E. Goodman and wife, $200,000.
Coy L. Ludwig and others to James J. Wind, $47,000.
Deborah R. Woodmansee and other to William E. Barnett Jr. and wife, $130,000.
Vanderbilt Mortgage and Finance, Inc. to Timothy Calvin Jordan, $74,500.
James E. Hampton to Kristina L. Rabon, $127,000.
Deutsche Bank National Trust Company, as trustee to Rick Ferrell, $93,000.
Frances Furr Earnhardt to Carlos E. Farris, $50,000.
Bobby Lee Poole to Michael Joe Poole and wife, $10,000.
Sarah Rebecca B. Eidson to James S. Bost, $20,000.
Steve T. Jones and wife to Larry R. Hawf and wife, $250,000.
Forrest C. Hammer and wife to Eric Olson and wife, $140,000.
Donald D. Sayers, as substitute trustee to Farmers & Merchants Bank, $572,500.
Community Bank of Rowan to Edward A. Spicer, Jr. and wife, $22,000.
Grady I. Ingle or Elizabeth B. Ells, as substitute trustee to Wells Fargo Bank, N.A., as trustee, $51,000.
Alan B. Powell, as substitute trustee to Bank of North Carolina, $42,000.
Alan B. Powell, as substitute trustee to Mark A. Wimmer and other, $93,500.
Donna Black Denning, as executor to David T. Denning and wife, $130,000.
L.C.I. Custom Homes, Inc. to Branch Banking and Trust Company, $89,000.
Darren S. Granfill, as substitute trustee to East Atlantic Properties, LLC, $36,500.
Cecil W. Perry and wife to David L. Graham, Jr. and wife, $310,000.


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