Salisbury Farmers Market update

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, September 20, 2011

By Sue Davis
For the Salisbury Post
Last week, market manager Harry Agner greeted me with the news that B.W. Corriher will have pumpkins beginning on Oct. 1. Bostian Farms has some smaller orange pumpkins, Indian corn and mini pumpkin squash now. The best find was red sweet potatoes from Country Garden. The Ritchies traveled to Raleigh to get plants for Stokes County Red Sweet Potatoes. These red potatoes are the size of a small baking potato but are more round. They are a little less sweet than the white or orange sweet potato varieties but can be cooked the same way.
Jack Gill, ěGreens Man,î had a booth at the market last Saturday. That is one of the first signs of fall in Salisbury. Gill has mixed greens. His mixture of mustard greens, swiss chard, turnip greens and kale are a local favorite. Greens are at their best when they are fresh from the garden and prepared as a mix. The mixing of the flavors is full and deep instead of sharp and pointed.
In addition to greens and sweet potatoes, tomatoes, cucumbers, summer squash, butternut squash, zucchini, sweet peppers, hot peppers, green beans, shelled beans, okra, and several varieties of purple hull peas, crowder peas and October beans are all available. Last week, Miller Farms had a good deal of corn, and are optimistic there may be one more week of corn. Dawnís Greenhouse has dried and fresh cut herbs and herb plants. Lee Ly has bok choy cabbage and Asian herbs. Seng Yeng is ready to make you a fresh flower arrangement.
During the Master Gardener Apple Taste Comparison, several people asked which apple is closest to the Northern Spy apple they enjoyed in cooler climates of the US. We asked apple grower David Vernon from Century Orchards near Reidsville which apple in his heritage collections was the closest. He sent a long list, but the only match I found was Stayman from Eagle Farm.
The Farmers Market is located in downtown Salisbury at the corner of South Main and Bank streets. Visit the Farmers Market on Saturday from 7 a.m. until noon.
Sue Davis is a Master Gardener volunteer.