Letters to the editor – Sunday (9-11-11)

Published 12:00 am Friday, September 9, 2011

Disasters a sign America needs to change its ways
In response to the Sept. 6 “Disasters in America” article in the Salisbury Post:
I quote the statement “what’s happening, say experts, is mostly random chance or bad luck. But there is something more to it, many of them say. Manmade global warming is increasing the odds of getting a bad roll of the dice.”
The real reason for all these disasters is not bad luck or the roll of the dice but because this nation as a whole has turned its back on its creator, God. It has not repented of its sin or individual’s sins. Until we as a nation turn from man’s way of thinking back to God’s ways, we will continue to be cursed with national disasters along with other curses. We as a nation will not receive God’s blessings, which we once received for obeying God.
God reveals in his word the blessings we will receive if we listen and are obedient to his and his son. Read Deuteronomy 28:15-20, 45-46; Isaiah 66:23-24, Hosea 4:1-6; Amos 4:7-9.
May God open this nation’s blinded eyes before it’s too late.
— Robert L. Pate III
School system needs office, but don’t put it downtown
The need for a new school office is great! The doubters need to spend a while at the Long Street office. Scattered offices are a huge problem, but not near the problem as Long Street. When one of the floors gives way, much computer equipment and possible human lives will be endangered or lost.
But to put it in downtown Salisbury is the most nearsighted suggestion possible. This idea is being pushed by the city fathers, certain members of the School Board and certain persons involved in this proposal. This benefits only a few certain individuals and the downtown itself, not the schools. There is no parking! The county owns land near the fairgrounds/bus garage which would be easily accessible by workers, possible new employees and visitors. A new employee is shuffled between offices, which gives the first impression of confusion.
Instead of saying there is no need for a new office, you need to ask why is there such a push by certain people to put it where it will be an albatross. Just to fill some space in the city is not a good enough reason for the current proposal. Get on with something that makes sense.
— Ralph Walton