Letters to the editor – Wednesday (9-7-11)

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Risky intersection needs stop light
I agree more should be done to improve the dangerous situation at the intersection of Barringer, Briggs and Sherrills Ford roads.
Question is, exactly what times of day or night did the Department of Transportation check that flow of traffic on Sherrills Ford Road?
Yes, there are negligent drivers at that intersection, but they arenít the only problem. A short distance beyond Grahamís Grill there is a curve which impairs driversí ability to clearly see approaching traffic and leaves them to guess if itís safe enough to pull out. Add to that a lot of parked vehicles (sometimes) including trucks on that end of the restaurant, and drivers canít see squat in that direction ó more so if that driver is in a small car. Drivers who are turning left or going straight across from Barringer are in danger of being hit because of the lack of visibility.
Flashing lights and traffic circles arenít the answer. The only positive solution is to have an operational stop light. Itíll give the vehicles on Barringer and Briggs enough time to safely enter into the Sherrillís Ford traffic flow or to cross the highway. The light is there! Instead of disrupting the restaurantís property, just switch that light from flashing to a stoop light.
How many more deaths must occur at this intersection before an agreed-upon and enacted solution takes place?
Reduce the speed limit? Big deal! Speed demons donít pay any attention to the posted speed limit signs.
ó Ellie Mae Lambert
Just curious about Fibrant expenses
I read about the agenda for a Salisbury City Council meeting and noticed the lead item was a possible expenditure for $721,572 for 5,000 set-top boxes for our infamous Fibrant program.
My question: Will this money come from the citizensí tax money or from the vast profits already generated by the extremely profitable Fibrant program?
If the answer is the latter of the two, then please add this to the ěsomething is rotten in Denmarkî department!
ó Sam L. Hoffman