Letters to the editor – Saturday (8-27-11)

Published 12:00 am Friday, August 26, 2011

More inspiration:
Jaden’s gift
I commend High Rock Community Church for its great charitable outreach in providing 1,500 local kids with backpacks and school supplies. I appreciate the Salisbury Post for featuring this story. However, sometimes great stories of faith and kindness don’t involve impressive numbers.
This week my church provided 30 backpacks filled with supplies to kids in our AWANA clubs. We sent five backpacks to needy children overseas. One of the backpacks went to my grandson, Jaden, aged 6. While standing in line at the “dollar store,” Jaden and his mother Jennifer overheard a single mother tell her little son that they had no money for a new backpack. He would have to “duct-tape” his old one.
Jaden, immediately offered his backpack; saying, “I have two, you can have the one I just got at church.”
The incredulous mother and little boy received Jaden’s gift with tears in their eyes. The 1,500 helped by the good folks at High Rock was surely “a God thing.” The one little boy and struggling single mom helped by 6-year-old Jaden Robertson was just as much “a God-thing!”
Just thought the readers of the Post would like another perspective.
— Dr. Dale Robertson
Pastor, North Main Baptist Church, Salisbury
Education priorities
I was saddened to read about the conditions at Knox Middle School. Our children need a clean, healthful environment in which to learn and become self-supporting citizens of this country. Thank you to all the private citizens who cleaned up Knox.
If the school board does not have the money to adequately maintain our schools, why are they again talking about a central office? Surrounding counties have multiple buildings for their administrators and seem content with that. Our administrators do not need a new building where everything is state of the art while our children have substandard schools.
Let’s not talk about this central office until the school board has shown it can provide and maintain adequate school buildings for all of our children. In this poor economy, we do not need our administrators sitting in luxury while our children step around filth.
No central office.
— Nancy Andrews
Thanks for support
On Saturday, Aug. 20, the Men of Workers of the Vineyard held a free back-to-school giveaway. The event was opened to the public. Items such as clothing, school supplies, coupons/tickets for free haircuts, and hotdogs with chips and a drink. The event was a huge success as well as a blessing to all. It is estimated that 150 to 200 people were served.
In the future, we hope to serve even more families who are in need.
We would like to thank all of those individuals who donated items, services, or monetary donations towards this event. A special thanks to the barbers and beauticians of Rowan County who participated.
— Darryl Jackson and Michael Mitchell