Letters to the editor – Thursday (6-30-2011)

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, June 29, 2011

City should seek forgiveness for supporting gay pride day
I was saddened to learn that the liberal progressives of Salisbury, a city that was founded on Christian principles, allowed a gay pride day on Saturday. I was born here and have lived most of my life in this city. If God punished Sodom and Gomorrah, He will certainly punish Salisbury. God created all humans in his image and did not creat humans to be homosexuals. They have a free will and have chosen this lifestyle. God loves homosexuals and so do I. My prayer is that they will humble themselves before God, repent of their sins, ask Jesus Christ to come into their hearts, forsake their homosexual lifestyles and begin a new life in Christ. I also pray that Salisbury will ask forgiveness for allowing this sinful event to occur.
In Christian love.
— Anne Boyd Kimball
It was a fantastic celebration
Congratulations to the organizing committee, sponsors and the city of Salisbury for a fantastic first Salisbury Pride celebration.
God provided a beautiful day for the event, and it was great to see an estimated 2,000 attendees. I appreciate all of the sponsors who supported the event, from the large corporations like Pepsico and Food Lion to the local small businesses to the non-profit/religious organizations like the fine folks from Trinity United Church of Christ.
From youngsters to seniors, it was a family friendly event everyone could enjoy. How fantastic to have not only gay families, but straight families from Salisbury attending as well!
It was a bit disappointing the children had to hear the vitriolic yelling of the so-called “street preachers.” I hope it does not give them a negative view of Christianity, as those folks protesting certainly are the exception. Thankfully their negativity was well countered by an event filled with brotherhood and love.
I was honored to participate as a speaker in my role as chair of the Equality N.C. Foundation, and my partner of nearly 16 years and I look forward to attending next year!
— Rod Goins
What are they proud of?
Why are the mayor of Salisbury and the homosexual elites proud? The homosexual activists want tolerance for their lifestyle yet they are not tolerant of those who oppose their viewpoint. The Post and Salisbury officials downplay the immoral and perverted sexually suggestive behavior displayed by the homosexuals at their event.
It is well documented that the HIV/AIDs outbreak of the early ’80s was rooted in the promiscuous lifestyle of homosexual men. Read “And the Band Played On” by Randy Shilts, who describes how the disease was spread through the homosexual community by “Patient Zero.” This individual had 2,500 homosexual partners and was key to spreading the infection worldwide.
Something to be proud of?
It is my observation that homosexuals usually jump from one partner to another and their depraved lifestyle is not conducive to raising children.
The lewd behavior may have been kept to a minimum in Salisbury; however, it is rampant in San Francisco and New York. Is that what the mayor wants?
Much is made about bullying of homosexual youth by the Post: however, no mention is made of several incidents where dominating lesbian teens have made unwanted sexual advances toward girls who rejected the perversion, whereupon the lesbian killed the straight girl.
Are the LGBT groups proud of that behavior?
— Donald Pruitt
China Grove
Thanks for all the support
On behalf of the Salisbury PRIDE Celebration Steering Committee, Salisbury-Rowan PFLAG members and supporters and Rowan County’s LGBT community and their allies, we’d like to thank everyone for the tremendous show of support at last Saturday’s Salisbury PRIDE Celebration!!
Thanks to Mayor Susan Kluttz for her inspiring words proclaiming June 25 as LGBT Pride Day!! That meant more to Salisbury’s LGBT community and their allies than you can imagine. Other thanks to Mayor Pro Tem Maggie Blackwell for her support, City Planner Joe Morris and his team for help with logistics, Downtown Salisbury Inc. and the Salisbury-Rowan Human Relations Council for support and encouragement.
Next, thanks and congratulations to Chief Rory Collins, Capt. Melonie Thompson, Deputy Chief Steve Whitley and officers (including some members of SFD) for their professional handling of the day’s events. The safety of attendees and protestors was always their primary concern.
This event wouldn’t have been possible without the financial support of some awesome sponsors and donors. Food Lion, PepsiCo and Rowan Regional Medical Center continue to exemplify the label “Champions of Diversity in the Workplace” by recognizing the value of every person as a potential employee and/or customer. To all other sponsors and donors, our vendors and suppliers, we sincerely appreciate your contributions and participation.
To our entertainers and speakers … it wouldn’t have been a success without you! The fabulous Roxy was awesome as always, as well as Salisbury’s own Jamie Monroe. The words of our friend, Anne Stanback, will resonate in our hearts and minds for some time. Rodie Ray, Ashley Farmer, Amy Broome, Rod Goins, Emma Post, Scotty Gilbert, Nadirah Dance, Charlotte Pride Band, Gordon Roque, Kalima Tribal, Duns Scotus, Cinnamen, Dakota Rain and Country Cassanova… thanks for making this a fun and successful 2011 Salisbury PRIDE Celebration!!!
See you in 2012!
— J. Michael Clawson & Brandon Major
The writers are chairman and vice chairman of the PRIDE organizing committee.