Letters to the editor – Monday (6-27-11)

Published 12:00 am Sunday, June 26, 2011

ETJs are another type of ëland grabí
The recent law limiting the annexation by cities has opened up another door. Our county is vastly restricted by the ETJs (extra-territorial jurisdictions) that cover the majority of our main highways and interstate. They also extend into several residential neighborhoods that have been in existence since long before the city limits were extended.
These ETJs limit the homeownersí use of their land yet offer no representation in the decision-making process. The eastern corridor of Highway 52 is literally controlled by local township from I-85 to the far side of Rockwell. Most of the ETJ areas are larger than the city limits of the towns themselves. Without providing any services or intentions of annexation, these townships are able to control land usage and development, regardless of the wishes of the landowner.
The overall county has been sliced into small sections that have no inclusive idea on how the county should grow and prosper. Abolishing the ETJs would give the homeowner more control of his property and let the county formulate a more stable plan for development and growth. Our local cities need to shrink back to the city limits that offer services and tax those that receive those services. This land grab of the past should be dealt with now so as to ensure a complete policy by which landowner rights are fully protected.
ó Craig Pierce
Passionate belief can go too far
Sitting back and watching the last few days, I have realized that people have so much passion about the things in which they believe. Even if their thoughts or accusations about this belief are biased or corrupt, it is their belief that the issue at hand they are fighting for or against is right for the stand they have taken.
What if everyone in the world shared the same beliefs, lifestyles or ways of thinking? The world would be a bland, dull place, and I am not sure if I would want to live lifeís journey in that manner!
As a citizen of the United States of America, itís your right to fight for or protest issues that are important to you, but when those issues or beliefs affect or stimulate hatred toward certain groups or the lifestyles of individuals, these can turn into crimes of hate and passion ó which, in turn, are against the law.
When we were growing up, my mom always told us, ě Pick your battles because in the end, youíll be the one answering for your actions!î Just because a way of life is different from the way you were raised, that doesnít make that person any less important than you. As long as you are not forced into a lifestyle you donít believe in, donít judge that person. There is enough crime and hatred in the world; individuals donít need to add more of it! Isnít all anyone wants in life to find love and happiness, acceptance for whom they are? Love without tribulations and memories of happiness without a regret of believing in yourself and second-guessing your future.
ó Vickie Adams
Gold Hill