Letters to the editor – Sunday (6-26-11)

Published 12:00 am Friday, June 24, 2011

Music festival may hit some sour notes
Once again, online Salisbury Post readers are right on target. The Aug. 27 Salisbury music festival sounds good, and after all, just who do the DOT folks think they are!
By the way, donít most folks ěclean their houseî before they have a party? Think what a great impression all those folks from out of town will get when they see all the empty storefronts on North Main, beginning with the empty space at the Plaza on the Square.
Sugarcreek should be a good attraction for those who remember the ěfrat-partyî í80s group. During intermission, the rats that live on Main Street can do a re-enactment of Stonemanís Raid if they arenít too tired from doing the twist around the garbage cans.
I do have a few questions. Why did our city spend all the money on East Fisher Street to create an entertainment district if the entertainment is moving to North Main? Who is going to profit from this event? How will the city benefit?
Finally, who died and put Miller Davis and 3 Dudes productions in charge of Salisbury?
ó Larry Bowyer
Technology helps improve patient care
Thanks to the Post for informing your readers of AirStrip OB, the remote fetal monitoring application recently installed at Rowan Regional Medical Center (June 24 article). Novant Health approached RRMC obstetricians last year to discuss the use of AirStrip, and we were unanimously in favor of its implantation.
While I was on the steering committee for implementation of AirStrip OB, I played no role in creating this technology. This application was created by AirStrip Technologies. The steering committee consisted of obstetricians from Novant hospitals and members of the information technology staff, who worked in conjunction to implement AirstripOB. Last month, RRMC replaced its fetal monitoring system to allow use of AirStrip technology.
AirStrip OB, currently used in only 250 hospitals nationwide, provides significant advances in communication and patient care in our community. Your obstetrical community is proud to be on the leading edge in use of this technology.
ó Michael K. Mills, MD
Mills is with Salisbury OB/GYN.