Letters to the editor – Monday (6-20-2011)

Published 12:00 am Sunday, June 19, 2011

Here’s my business plan; willing to take the bait?
I have an investment plan I’m sure you will want to get in on. It’s a sure fire money maker so don’t delay. First, we will need $33,560, I estimate, to get everything going.You might ask, what are we going to do? Well, I think we can make money selling, worms, minnows and crickets to fishermen! We’ll set up shop on the roads leading to the river, and I’m sure we can make a killing.
However, my business plan shows we will probably lose $1,200 this year; $3,600 next year, and in 2013, probably $2,600. To really get things going, I think we should give away to new customers a can of worms, a bucket of minnows or a carton of crickets. It would only cost us 15 cents. On the bright side, by year 2014, I predict a positive cash flow of $57.53.
What do you think? Your first reaction might be: A. Are you serious? B. Absolutely not. C. Are you from this solar system? D. Get the @#$#@ away from me.
If you just add three zeros to the above figures, you have Fibrant in a nut shell: $33,560,000 in bonds to build Fibrant, $1,200,000 (estimated) loss this year, $3,600,000 (estimated) loss the next year and $2,600,000 loss (estimated) in 2013. What could go wrong? If you join right away, they will give you $150 of good old taxpayer money.
The problem is this: You have a choice to join me in my bait shop enterprise, but with Fibrant, you, the taxpayer, have no choice, and you’re in for the ride, like it or not.
I will predict this will not go well for the taxpayer; I have a feeling you will be a long time recapturing the money already spent by the city.
Where is the need for this already crowded service anyway?
— Richard Roberts