Letters to the editor – Wednesday (6-15-2011)

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Avid reader recalls when courthouse held a library
I was very interested in the recent articles in the Salisbury Post about the history of the Rowan Public Library.
I was surprised no mention was made of the earlier Rowan Public Library located in a large room in the back of the old Rowan County Courthouse. I clearly remember going there when I was 12 years old and a student at F.B. John School. On my way home from school, I would stop at the library about once a week and get one or two books. I have always loved to read and have kept a list of books I have read, beginning in July 1963, which now totals over 10,000.
The librarian was a tall, older lady, and if anyone made the slightest noise, she put her finger to her lips and said ěshhhh … shhhh.î
I am 96 years old, and my mind is still clear. God has been good to me, and I thank him every day.
ó Evelyn Barnette
Editorís note:The old County Courthouse was the libraryís second location. It moved from the Henderson Law Office building to the Old Courthouse in 1921 (when the countyís new courthouse was completed) and continued operations there until a new library facility opened in 1951 at the current headquarters site.
How could you?
On a recent visit to Rowan County Animal Control, I had a firsthand experience of how little compassion some people have for their pet.
A lady came in with a cat in a carrier, owner surrender. I really wanted to try and help the cat, so I approached the lady outside. She proceeds to tell me this cat had been at her home for about two years and was old and dying. She couldnít afford to take it to the vet.
I asked her if she knew how the cat would be euthanized. She didnít, but I did. I saw no compassion for the cat. How do I know? I offered to pay the bill if she would take it to the vet. ěShe is dying,î the lady said. My reply was, ěI will pay for you to take it to be humanely euthanized.î
She left. Dropped it off like a bag of garbage and left. No love lost on her part, but I know the cat felt the loss.
This isnít something I went to animal control looking for, but I had to try and help this cat. I donít usually judge other people, but when I see someone treat an animal like this, I just canít help myself. Animals are not disposable. If animals donít have rights (for the record, I think they do), then we humans need to get busy with spay/neuter, spay/neuter, spay/neuter … and get the pet overpopulation under control. Take advantage of one of the low-cost spay/neuter programs. If you adopt from animal control, please use the voucher to help pay for spay/neuter.
ó Brenda Kirby