Letters to the editor – Tuesday (7-6-11)

Published 12:00 am Monday, June 6, 2011

Man I know doesnít deserve a ëdartí
It broke my heart to see Tim Smith given a ědartî in Saturdayís Salisbury Post.
Those that know Tim from church, the Scouts and business will tell you there is probably not a more hardworking, giving and charitable man than Tim.
I know nothing of his tax or utility debts, but I have seen his charity and dedication to his Scouts and his church family firsthand. Besides working long hours, he never hesitates to help anyone in need. I have seen him reach into his pocket many times and pay for a Scout to go to camp or to help a family in financial need ó without asking for a receipt.
He may have faults. One of them may be an incredibly positive attitude and trust in his fellow man. He never sees the bad but lives his faith, in practice, every day.
ó Hal Sutton
Unhealthy policies
The U.S. Department of Agriculture just unveiled a new plate-shaped food guide icon that encourages Americans to fill half their plates with fruits and vegetables. As a dietitian, I know this is a significant step forward and could help put a dent in our nationís chronic disease epidemics. But unfortunately, unhealthy federal agricultural subsidies still stand in the way.
The USDAís new plate icon and recently released dietary guidelines advise Americans to limit products like high-fat meat and cheese. But under the Farm Bill, now being debated in Congress, the government continues to subsidize these very products with billions of tax dollars and gives almost no support to fruits and vegetables.
Just as the USDA has given the food guide icon a makeover, Congress must revamp farm policy to encourage the production and consumption of these healthful foods.
ó Kathryn Strong
Washington, D.C.
Strong is a dietitian with the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine.