High Winds Damage Barns And Buildings

Published 12:00 am Monday, June 6, 2011

Robert and Donnie Beddington were watching television last Thursday night when they heard the noise.
It was a storm – a loud and windy storm. They quickly talked about going to the basement – but before they could make the move – it was over.
The owners of Donnie’s Greenhouse south of Mocksville didn’t realize the damage until the next morning.
A tree had falling on Beddington’s truck. Luckily, he had a steel frame that prevented damage to the truck itself.
Huge trees were down beside their house.
As Donnie walked towards the greenhouses, she noticed small tomato plants that had been sitting on a table. They were tall – in small plastic containers – and should have easily toppled in a high wind.
But they didn’t.
One look inside the first greenhouse, and the damage was evident. Hanging baskets had been knocked onto the ground. Tables were damaged.
And out back, one greenhouse was destroyed, ripped from the cement foundation that held it in place. A black mesh that covered the arch was in trees about a hundred yards away. The plastic …