Letters to the editor – Wednesday (6-01-2011)

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Time to cut foreign aid, focus on domestic needs
I wish for a good meeting with Congress and also with the N.C. General Assembly. I want answers to these important questions.
Why are we still maintaining troops in Japan, Germany and Italy? These troops fought for our country in World War II. Our troops serving in foreign countries are costing the United States billions each year. We maintain troops in 109 different countries. We also supply the majority of troops for NATO. We are involved in wars in the Middle East and supporting Israel with billions of dollars of aid annually. We also pay for the building of settlements on occupied lands by the Israelis. We pay for the maintenance of Israelís occupation of the Gaza Strip, which is literally a prison for 2 million Palestinian refugees (many of whom are murdered daily).
If we were to enforce these as cost-cutting measures, we would not have to cut benefits for education, as proposed by many states. If we were to eliminate the cost of our nation-building efforts throughout the world, we could employ the returning troops in rebuilding our infrastructure and securing our borders.
Itís time for Britain and France to fight their own foreign wars. We should demand Britain and France repay their WWI debt, since these have remained unpaid since 1918. Why does our government not realize our priorities of improving education and rebuilding our infrastructure? Congress is also aggressively thinking of eliminating many Social Security services.
Itís time for the people of the United States to question what is happening in Congress and the N.C. assembly. We must bring our troops home, cut all foreign aid and concentrate on solving our domestic problems, making our great country strong.
ó Victor S. Farrah
Thanks for your support
I want to thank everyone that helped make my lunch benefit on Saturday such a success. I had many people helping, from selling tickets to baking, working the booth and serving. The food prepared by Winkís BBQ was delicious, and we got many donations as well as sales.
It will help make my recovery much easier when I donít have quite so many medical expenses to worry about. It also helps to know there are a lot of people out there who care about me and what my family has been going through. This is a great community that cares about others, and I am grateful to be a part of it.
Once again, I want to thank everyone, and I hope I got a chance to speak to everyone who wanted to meet me. We were pretty busy, but I was taking the tickets, so hopefully I did get to meet you. Love in Christ:
ó Sandra Craver