Two charged with attempted larceny

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, May 18, 2011

By Shelley Smith
SALISBURY — A Salisbury man and a Richfield man were charged last night with attempted larceny and breaking into a motor vehicle after one was caught, wire cutters in hand, while the other was found nearby waiting in a car.
According to a report by the Rowan County Sheriff’s Office, Jeremy Moss, of 355 Hyde Lane, heard dogs barking outside his home, went outside and found relative James Kincaid behind his Jeep with wire cutters in his hand. He asked Kincaid to go back home, the report said, but a few minutes later he heard dogs barking again.
This time he went outside and found a pair of shoes on the ground beside the Jeep and noticed a window was down. Moss looked inside the Jeep and saw Kincaid, the report said.
He asked what he was doing and he said he needed a place to sleep, the report said, but Moss noticed a radio amplifier with cut wires in the front of the car.
In the mean time, officers responded and found a green Honda parked on the side of the road near the residence, with a passenger, but no driver. In the car was Jonathan Huneycutt, who told the officer he was waiting for Kincaid to get back to the car.
The officer took Huneycutt to 355 Hyde Lane, where they met Kincaid, Moss and other officers.
A magistrate found probable cause to charge both Kincaid, 22, and Huneycutt, 20, with breaking and entering a motor vehicle and attempted larceny. They were each given $10,000 secured bonds.
Kincaid and Moss were arrested in December on various charges, accused of cutting the copper wiring and stripping the copper pipes out of St. Matthews Church. Kincaid fell through the roof of the church during the attempt and was treated at Rowan Regional Medical Center for injuries.