Letters to the editor – Tuesday (4-5-2011)

Published 12:00 am Monday, April 4, 2011

ABC stores should keep doors locked on Sunday
Having the ABC stores open on Sunday is all about money for the state. What happened to keeping the Sabbath day holy? We have enough problems with people drinking without adding more fuel (booze) to the fire. There were plenty of DUIs in the state of North Carolina last year, and we donít need more.
ó Charles Carmean
China Grove
The wedding ring debate
Recently some people have criticized Prince William for saying he does not want to wear a wedding ring.
One reason is that he chooses not to.
Another reason is that several of his male family members do not.
A third reason is that when military pilots or mechanics wear rings, they are a hazard to them around aircraft.
It is too easy to have them snag on something or short out against some electrical component on the aircraft.
I have worked on U.S. Army aircraft and autos as a mechanic. Rings get in the way and increase the likelihood of getting injured.
I never have worn one and have been married more than 40 years.
ó Richard C. Davis
Religious funding questioned
I recently read a local newspaper article that stated the N.C. Council of Churches had elected its first openly gay president.
Upon reading this, I investigated the website of the N.C. Council of Churches (http://www.nccouncilofchurches.org/about/ members/) and found that several mainline Protestant churches support this organization, including the United Methodist Church (Western N.C. Conference).
Why would the UMC financially support an organization that clearly agrees with homosexuality when both our Bibles and our Book of Discipline states otherwise?
As most UMC members know, each local church is required to give offering money to pay their ěapportionments.î The apportionment contributions fund the salaries of bishops and district superintendents, colleges, missions, various offices within the UMC such as the General Board of Church and Society in Washington, D.C., and apparently fund organizations such as the N.C. Council of Churches, to name a few. It appears that the funding for an organization such as the N.C. Council of Churches comes from the Interdenominational Cooperation Fund, which is one of the seven apportionment funds of the UMC (http://www.umcgiving.org/ site/ c.qwL6KkNWLrH/b.3595595/k.A38E/ Apportioned_Funds.htm).
Brothers and sisters of the UMC, it is time to stop funding the apportionments and be prepared to do whatever it may take to separate from any organization that is clearly not representing the truth of the Bible.
ó Melany E. Edge