Report: Angry fan assaults coach

Published 12:00 am Thursday, March 3, 2011

A man who reportedly started a fight Jan. 28 at a middle school championship basketball game between Erwin and West Rowan middle schools has been arrested, the Rowan County Sheriff’s Office reported today.
Carlos Tyrone Phillips, 28, of 145 Winterlocken Road, Salisbury, was arrested Monday on charges of assaulting a school official.
He was given a $500 secured bond.
According to the report, Phillips was upset after West Middle’s two-point loss to Erwin at the championship game, and confronted West Middle coach Samuel Moore on the court after the final buzzer sounded.
Authorities said Phillips pointed his finger in the face of Coach Moore, making derogatory comments about his coaching, and about the players.
Moore told authorities he tried to shake it off, telling Phillips he thought they played a great game, but Phillips pushed him, and an altercation between the two of them began.
The game had been recorded, and the camera was still rolling when the incident started, catching everything on film, the report said.
After a line-up of suspects, Moore identified Phillips as his assailant, and warrants for his arrest were issued.
Officers arresed Phillips on Monday.
Phillips has an April 13 court date.